My Father’s Footstool

It was one of the most majestic and magical moments I have ever experienced.

I was lying on a wooden bench engulfed in the darkness that surrounded me. A ray of light beamed from the full moon that hung over the wondrous canyon below. A canyon filled with enchanting and lovely creations. Intricate spirals of rock shot up out of the ground and into the sky creating a jagged and magnificent skyline.

Here I was looking up at a sky full of stars- seemingly tiny beams of light, which in essence were massive balls of fire and gas. The air was dry and cold. The night was silent and the world was asleep.

I was in awe.

Completely baffled at the greatness and creativity of the Creator. Humbled to know in such a massive universe, I mattered to Him. Truly and completely mattered.

And then I saw it.

The most brilliant, bright, and massive shooting star whizzed across the sky.

And I freaked. I shot up off the bench and screeched at my friend to look. To gaze upon one of the most breathtaking things I had ever experienced.

The shooting star was gone in an instant, but I just sat and grinned. It was as though in my already established state of awe and amazement, my Father sent me a shooting star just to get me more enraptured.

You see, overtime I have come to realize something.

My Father created the universe. He also created me. And then He put me in His universe.

He didn’t have to do this. He could have kept His children separate from His universe. Separate from the mountains, the oceans, the plains, the deserts, the stars, the sun, and the moon. He could have placed us in a box. One in which there was no landscape, no massive balls of fire and gas, no tectonic plates moving and grooving to constantly transform the layout of this world, and no massive bodies of water to explore. He could have put us in the most mundane and ordinary of places.

But He didn’t.

And He did it for a reason.

When He looked back at all He had created- the universe, the animals, His children- He said they were good. He was proud of them. So why keep them from one another?

We are good together- us and this universe.

In His most generous and loving ways, He let us experience His creation.

His precious, perfect, intricate, beautiful, majestic, and brilliant creation.

He let us- sinful, flawed, ugly, broken beings- experience it.


Because He knew in our tiny and fragile state, His massive and baffling world would catch our attention in a way nothing else could. And in having our attention, He could reveal Himself to us.

Matthew 5:35 tells us the earth is His footstool.

A place from which He can stand a little higher and be seen a little better.

Our God is a big God. He towers above us in the most marvelous of ways, but somehow we still find ways to ignore Him. To miss Him.

So being the loving and pursuing Father He is, He gets on His footstool, stands a little taller, becomes a little bigger, and grabs our attention.

The mountains speak of His vastness and dominance.

The oceans speak of His unending pools of mercy and love.

The deserts speak of His provision of life.

The storms speak of His power and fierceness.

The flowers speak of His intricacy and delicacy.

The creation defines the Creator through and through. In every aspect, fine detail, and vast expanse you see Him. His character. His dominance. His reign.

It truly is the most marvelous and thrilling thing- to know my Father wants me to explore and adventure.

When I get outside, my world becomes brighter and better. Life’s worries are swept away by the gentle whisper of the wind, and the blindfold the world so often puts on me is removed. I see things the way my Father intended for me to see them. I see life as a precious gift. I see how expansive and glorious my Father is. I see how fragile and tiny I am. I see the work my Father started and is continuing through the expansion of His kingdom. I see with His eyes.

And I know He created me to be this way. He created me to be uplifted and renewed when I step outside of four walls. He created me to be awed, baffled, and giddy over this world. He created me to love it and explore it.

We have access to it- His greatest work. We have the chance to get up close and personal with His masterpiece.

But even better, we have access to the artist behind it all.

Our Father doesn’t sign off on His masterpiece and go hide in His studio. He sits on the edge of His seat waiting to baffle us. To rile us up. To surprise us. He waits for us to explore so He can send a grizzly bear down the hiking trail. Produce a thunderous storm in the night. Paint a dazzling sunset over the mountains. Send the most brilliant and magnificent shooting star across the night sky.

I can just see it- me freaking over the shooting star while my Father watched me intently with a wide grin on His face and a gentle chuckle escaping His mouth. I can only imagine the extreme amount of joy that washed over Him when He saw His daughter overcome with awe and wonder at His world.

I know that every time I step into His world, He sends me gifts. Beautiful and wonderful things that bring me to my knees and teach me something more about who He is. Because in those moments of awe and astonishment, I can’t help but stop and ponder the artist behind it all. Acknowledge the creativity, intricacy, and beauty.

It’s obvious. My Father put this desire in my heart- this intense passion for adventuring and exploring.

Not so He could receive the praises of His great work. But so He could stand a little taller on His footstool, wow me enough to stop me in my tracks, and say, “Daughter, I’m here. Look at me.”

And in doing this, I have come to know my Father in such an intimate, real, and special way.

It has created this bond between Him and me. This love for His world and the gifts it has to offer.

It is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

His world is my playground, and I plan to never stop exploring His masterpiece, but more so, to never stop exploring the artist behind it all.


About the Author


Hi! My name is Morgan Colander. I am a senior at Lee University in Tennessee studying to be an elementary teacher. I am attempting to survive these college years as I learn to rely more on God and less on myself while being surrounded by new opportunities and decisions. College has presented itself with its difficulties- college budget, college dorms, college food, an endless list of things to do, and plenty of homesickness- but through it all, I have never been more dependent on God and realized how incapable I am to do life without Him. God, family, and friends are all I need to survive in life but some junior mints, a hike up a mountain, laughter, and some sarcasm definitely add some joy to the journey.