This Is Your Story


You are broken.

 You are powerless.

 You are sinful.

You are hopeless.

You are dirty.

You are undeserving.

You deserve death. Eternal death.

Your sins should separate you from your Father. They should stop Him from loving you. They should define you. They should lead to condemnation and death.

But they don’t.

You see, you were perfectly crafted by the King. The Creator of the Universe knit you together, perfectly piecing together every detail that makes up you. With hands so mighty, a heart so loving, and a mind so creative, you were made. And then, the King decided you were worthy enough to behold His image. His perfect and most sovereign image was to dwell in you — His beloved child.

With a flawless plan written for you, He sent you out into His world. His plan for you was full of blessings and magnificent moments. He knew your hearts inmost desires and eagerly awaited to fulfill them.

Unfortunately, falling captive to temptation, you took a bite of the apple and were no longer clean. No longer pure. No longer deserving. 

That moment of weakness was enough to separate you from the King, your Father, because your flawed self could no longer be in His perfect presence.

You were now a prisoner chained to sin. Only a life of misery and destruction lay before you.

And so it was over. The hope offered. The love freely given. It was all gone.

Or so you thought.

For the barrier that was put up between you and your Father was about to be torn down in the most extravagant of ways. 

Your Father saw you in your desperate state. His love for you was so deep and so wide; He simply couldn’t let you go.

And so He sent His son. His one and only son. His perfect and spotless son down to this rotten and wicked earth.

In the form of a tender, fragile, and beautiful baby, our freedom was delivered.


Our Savior.

He came and radically changed the way people thought. He challenged the current beliefs and ways of life.

With every touch of His hands and every word spoken another person was healed. Another person experienced the love of Jesus. Another person accepted the freedom that was offered through a life lived with Him.

He was perfect, this Jesus. Walking blamelessly and loving unconditionally. There had never been a man like Him before.

But sin still held you captive. 

And so your Father did the unthinkable. With His intention set from the beginning, your Father told His Son to bear the weight of your sins. To endure death so you didn’t have to. To take on your punishment.

For you. For me. For all of us.

The weight of the world on His shoulders.

Eventually, the time came. The world jeered and heckled, cheering for the crucifixion of their Savior.

Whips penetrated His flesh until His skin was raw. A crown of thorns was dug deep into his scalp until beads of blood began to run down His face. He was forced to carry His wooden cross while the weight of it pulled Him further to the ground and closer to His death. Nails were hammered into His ankles and wrists tearing through skin and muscle. A spear pierced His side guaranteeing His death.

All of this happening to Him, your perfect and blameless Savior, instead of you.

And with His final breath, hell thought it had won.

The Savior of the world dead. Our hope gone. Life shattered. A future of imprisonment and death guaranteed for you. 

For all of us.

But then. In His mighty and most wondrous ways, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Creator of the Universe breathed life back into His Son, and raised your Savior up from the grave.

And with that breath of life, the empty tomb, your resurrected King, your life began.

Your chains were broken.

Your freedom was returned.

Forgiveness, mercy, and grace could now flow freely from the hands of your Father into your heart.

A life of dancing in the rain, basking in the sun, and running freely through the wildflowers was given to you.

Because your Father loves you so much, because His love is unconditional and extravagant, and because you are His child — He did whatever it took to save you.

You are healed.

You are powerful. 

You are forgiven.

You are made clean.

You are loved.

You are made new.

You are free.

Your Father’s love for you holds no boundaries. Nothing can separate you from His love. No matter your past or present, your sin is washed white by His blood.

No mistake or lifestyle is too big for Him to forgive, too bad to stop Him from loving you, or too powerful to overcome.

You are not defined by your past mistakes. You are not held captive any longer to the chains put on you.

Your Father created you with the inmost desire to do life with you forever, and He went as far as sacrificing His son to make this possible. 

Invite Him into your life and let this be your story.

Do not continue to live captive to your sinful self. Instead, accept His love and forgiveness. Bask in the story of redemption being offered to you.

Believe the truth: You are a child of the King and you are free.

About the Author


Hi! My name is Morgan Colander. I am a senior at Lee University in Tennessee studying to be an elementary teacher. I am attempting to survive these college years as I learn to rely more on God and less on myself while being surrounded by new opportunities and decisions. College has presented itself with its difficulties- college budget, college dorms, college food, an endless list of things to do, and plenty of homesickness- but through it all, I have never been more dependent on God and realized how incapable I am to do life without Him. God, family, and friends are all I need to survive in life but some junior mints, a hike up a mountain, laughter, and some sarcasm definitely add some joy to the journey.