You’re Here for a Reason

Sometimes we feel like we have no purpose, don’t we? I remember feeling that way ESPECIALLY throughout middle school. I always felt like I wandered around, insecure and tiny, with a huge strawberry patch of pimples covering my face. I thought I had no value or worth. Then I met Jesus. I KNEW He was my purpose once I began my relationship with Him. He IS my purpose. I’m important because He has a plan for me. Of course, I wasn’t magically cured of my insecurities, but I was DIFFERENT. Majorly different. Isn’t it so nice to know you have a purpose?

One of my favorite Christmas gifts Liam received was a book called You’re Here for a Reason by Nancy Tillman. This was up there with the baby doll he received from Tyler’s parents. This is called big brother training 101.


As he opened it, he SQUEALED. Straight up squealed. He couldn’t wait to get it out of the package. All of this was taking place while Tyler slipped further into the floor with a pouty lip because his son has a baby doll… I think I even heard him crying a bit. Anyways… major bunny trail. So, this book. It’s of course all about how we’re here for a reason. We all have purpose and the puzzle of the world is incomplete if we aren’t here. Let me share a snippet:

You’re here for a reason. If you think you’re not,

I would just say that perhaps you forgot —

a piece of the world that is precious and dear

would surely be missing if you weren’t here. 

If not for your smile and your laugh and your heart,

this place we call home would be minus a part.

Thank goodness you’re here!

Thank goodness times two!

I just can’t imagine a world without you.

Cue the tears. All the tears! Liam — my crazy, energetic 18-month-old — was a captive audience with his baby and elephant.


I’m always looking for good children’s books, and I highly recommend this one! Who knows…maybe you don’t even need to get it for a little one. Maybe your middle school girl needs this reminder, too. I could’ve used it back then. Hey, I even love it now!

We have purpose. We are planned according to our Creator’s beautiful script to be here. And there’s something so sweet in that thought.

Click this link to purchase the book and you can even get the plush elephant! Totally worth it!