Hope This Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve, ladies! Can you believe it’s here already? Sometimes people scoff at setting decorations out before Thanksgiving, but in my opinion it goes too quickly, so why not?? :)

Christmas is such a fun season. There’s so much to do, people to give presents to, decorations to put up, Christmas trees to enjoy in the evenings with a cup of cocoa. Sometimes Christmas can be very sad and lonely, though. Sometimes there are empty seats around our tables and empty spaces in our hearts.

Last week a baby girl in our community passed away from Krabbe Disease. She was supposed to be 1 on December 28th. I think about her parents and the pain they feel this Christmas. I think about a young pastor and his 1 year old son in Indiana who lost their wife/mom to a fatal home invasion a few weeks ago. I think about a church member of ours who lost both her mom and dad this year. I think about my grandma who passed away almost 6 years ago. This woman loved Christmas and family time, especially! It would have overjoyed her to meet our Liam and see him enjoying Christmas. We miss her smile, her joy, the warmth she offered to a room. We miss her every Christmas.

There’s sometimes pain surrounding the holidays. There’s heartache and loneliness amidst the joy and excitement. Aren’t you grateful that we can be reminded that this time is joyful in spite of circumstances because of the reason we celebrate?


If Jesus never came, this day would just be another day. Take Jesus out, and there’s no eternal significance of Christmas. Take Jesus out, and the pain and loneliness can overtake our hearts like a thief in the night. This Christmas and all Christmases we have hope. We have hope amidst the pain. This baby Jesus came to bring freedom. Freedom from sin, from Satan’s clutches, from loneliness and hopelessness. Sweet freedom.

This Christmas, love people without abandon. Appreciate all the little moments. Remember that it doesn’t stop with the birth of a baby. Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ life and His ultimate purpose for coming to this earth — to make a way for us to have a relationship with Him and be the sacrifice for our sins. He was born. He was perfect. He died. He rose again! He is our joy, our hope, our salvation! Christmas may be hard at times, but we have HOPE. Thank you, Jesus, for hope!

Enjoy your beautiful Christmas!