Yeah, Bummer

I was playing in the playroom with my kids the other day, picking up puzzle pieces and reading a whole bunch of board books. We were having tons of fun and there were a lot of those perfect moments where my kids were getting along, the sun was shining through the window, no one was whining. I watched my sweeties play and had, what my mom calls, “a heart swell” where my heart just filled with all kinds of unmatched love for them and I just couldn’t help myself; I had to snuggle them.


“Pardon the mess, we were playing.”

I reached over and grabbed my son first. He melted right into my arms and responded with cuddles of his own. We gave hugs and Eskimo kisses and said how much we loved each other, sealing it with one last squeeze. Then it was Annabelle’s turn. I reached for her ready to “kiss her all up,” as we say, but she would NOT let me. She squirmed and wiggled and pulled her sweet little face away from my Eskimo kisses. Finally, I gave in and let her go, but not before I said, “Annabelle, I wish you would just cuddle me!”

And I’m not even kidding you, she turned to me mid-escape and said, “Yeah, bummer.” And went to find a toy.

She’s not even two yet and she’s already throwing me, “Yeah, bummers.” What in the world?!

I was sad to not get the cuddles from my girl, but it was pretty funny nonetheless. I’ve been thinking about our exchange for a few days now though and it’s actually starting to convict me.

The more I picture her sassy little diaper pants turning away from my desire to love on her, cuddle her, spend some up close and personal time with her, the more I see myself, turning away from quality time with the Lord.

I’ve been convicted as I realize how often the Holy Spirit calls to me, asking for a little time with me and I just come right back with a, “Yeah, bummer.”

It’s like in my heart I say, “Yeah, that’s nice that you love me unconditionally and want to spend some time speaking to me through your Word, but maybe later. I have a million other things to do. Bummer.”

I would never intentionally say that, I’ve never actually said, “Yeah, bummer,” to Jesus, but I’m pretty sure my actions have on a lot of different occasions. Every time I choose to neglect His voice, His invitation, I’m doing the same thing that Annabelle did; turning away from His open arms to go find some distraction, some toy elsewhere.

Do you ever struggle with this? This rejection of the Lord’s invitation to spend time with you? Do you ever choose to just follow the path of least resistance and let your devotional time, your prayer life, your pursuit of a relationship with him take a back seat? I have and I have to say, it is a bummer, for me.

It’s a bummer because His arms are always opened wide and ready to love on us. He’s always waiting to show us what’s next, to lead us, to encourage us, to impart wisdom, but we sometimes choose to avoid it. Like a Father, he’s waiting with a heart swollen with love, waiting to spend some time with us, but we have to choose to sit still long enough, to set down the distractions, and to focus on Him to experience it.

This week, I want to be better about responding to that invitation. I want to settle into His embrace and see what He has waiting for me. I want to choose to say yes to Him and not miss out on all that He has to offer me in His presence. Will you join me? Will you let Him love on you and pursue that quality time with Him?

Let’s do it together. Let’s seek Him and find Him and instead of throwing around our, “Yeah, bummer’s,” let’s say, “Yeah, I’m coming!”