Timing is Everything

I have never been the kind of woman who goes along with what everyone else does. My parents always raised me to be a trendsetter rather than a trend-follower. So imagine my own surprise when graduation came earlier this year in May with the desire to do the same thing every other woman in the country did and will continue to do: decorate my graduation cap.

When I got the idea to decorate my cap with one of my closest and dearest friends, I decided it had to be original. I refused to use a clever quote from Walt Disney and there was no desire to use a joke from the classic film “Mean Girls.” Whatever I planned to put on my cap had to come from my own creative thoughts even though most of the time my thoughts are the furthest thing from creative.

Eventually, I decided on a design and it came to life a few days before my graduation ceremony. My cap was the perfect representation of what I did while I was at California Baptist University and how much God changed my heart in only two years. Although my cap had many things glued and stuck to the black material, the one thing that mattered most was the centerpiece: a small, flat globe glued to the center of the cap with the words “Go therefore” written above it and “Hebrews 10:23” written below it.

The verse was a little outside of the box for me. For as long as I can remember, Jeremiah 29:11 was my favorite verse. Who wouldn’t want their favorite verse to be about hope and a good future? But while I was at CBU, my life became less about the future and more about right now. When I think of my life in the moment, Hebrews 10:23 is a reminder of God’s sovereignty and perfect timing.

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.”

When I picked this verse to put on my graduation cap, I never had the intention of it becoming my favorite verse. My only motive was to put a verse on my cap that was not Jeremiah 29:11. Little did I know that six months later it would not only be my favorite verse, but it would also be a testament to how much God loves me, how He is always in control and how He is faithful above all else.


How often do we all struggle with control and God’s timing? How many times during our day or week do we let the enemy invade and give us anxiety because we allow ourselves to get sidetracked? Why can’t we simply stay focused on what God is doing for us right now, in this very moment? Why does our focus always have to be on the future?

More than anything else, these questions are the reasons why Hebrews 10:23 is now my favorite verse. In its words are some of the biggest reasons why I have faith in Jesus Christ and why I choose to believe in His perfect timing.

“Let us hold fast” — Have confidence.

“The confession of our hope” — Maintain your faith.

“Without wavering” — Stay strong and endure.

“For He who promised is faithful” — Quite literally, He is faithful. Period. End of story.

His faithfulness does not depend on anything. His faithfulness is indisputable, it is a rock solid fact of who He is. It is as sure as the sunrise that begins the day and the sunset that ends the day. It is dependable, and because this verse says He is faithful, we can rely on it to hold true in our lives. Which means we can rest assured He is in control.

When I wrote the citation for this verse on my cap, I had no clue it would soon explain why God has placed me right where I am. Whereas my plan after graduation was to leave my family and friends to go as far away to the most unreached people to share the love of Jesus with them, God’s plan put a wrench in mine and kept me in the same place. I struggled to trust Him, to have confidence in His plan and to remember He knows what He is doing.

Even now I am struggling to trust Him. Finding something I could passionately write about for GLOW has been difficult. Yet, the fact I am even up and able to write these paragraphs on an early Tuesday morning with the sun barely high enough to see from my second-story bedroom window is proof of God’s faithfulness and perfect timing.


From the moment I knew I wanted to be a writer, God has used the talent He blessed me with to draw me closer to Him. It is in the quiet moments when I feel most at peace because I know God is the one leading my fingers across my keyboard. In this moment right now, I am at peace because God is in the driver’s seat.

And here’s how I know:

Although my heart was broken because I was stopped from going where I wanted to go six months ago, God has repeatedly shown His faithfulness to me by never leaving my side. He provided an internship where I can be surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ as I learn more about the application of my craft. He placed a new and unexpected friend in my path, a friendship that would have never formed had I gone and done my own thing after graduation. My heavenly father is softening my heart to serve locally and get involved in church again. He is healing and changing my heart by taking hold of my life, once again proving to me He is all I need to keep my eyes on.

His control is worthy of my confidence. I know without His firm and steady hand holding it all together I am simply a wave tossed about in a stormy sea. Without Him I have no peace, no direction and no confidence.


About the Author

GraceAllen_002Grace Allen

Hi there! My name is Grace Allen, and I am a follower of Jesus! More than anything, my identity is found solely in Him, and anything I say or do is an extension of my ever-growing relationship with Him. I am currently an intern at a small privately owned digital marketing agency in Irvine, California. My dream is to be a traveling journalist, and to go to the unreached nations in the world to bring people to Jesus while encouraging believers who are already present. But as of right now, God is teaching me how to glorify Him right where I am! It is not always easy, but I am definitely enjoying letting Him take the lead! Happy reading, and I pray God ministered to your heart as you read my words!