How to be a Peacemaker

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” Matthew 5:9 (NASB)

Talk of “peace” is rampant throughout the media. Darkness has fallen upon the City of Lights – a sad…no, heart wrenching…story. Innocent people have lost their lives due to actions of sick cowards. Yet, social media reacted with emphasizing the importance of peace. Peace, or peacemaking as stated in Matthew, has been heavy on my heart and Friday’s incident only emphasized my conviction.


Matthew 5:9 says “blessed are the peacemakers.” “Maker” implies action. Peacemakers must pursue. You see, for peacemakers, passivity is not an option.

Living at peace is one thing. We can control ourselves. We can control our anger, our bitterness, our jealousy, our frustrations – all of the things that cause us to live a life not at peace. But being a peacemaker is on a different level – it implies action.

Yesterday my husband and I went with a group from our church to Kirk Cameron’s “Love Worth Fighting For” marriage event. He spoke of different things that are “worth fighting for.” Our marriage, our children, the sanctity of the family were listed among others. Everyone agreed that these things are all worth fighting for.

Once again, peacemaking entered my mind. Because when other people are involved, peace is not possible without effort. It requires peacemaking. And peace is worth fighting for.

Disagree? Think of what’s at stake! Could it be a friendship? A relationship? Your children? Your marriage? Your family? Your character? Someone’s life? As a rule, extended interpersonal conflict is not good. It might temporarily feel good, but once you swallow your pride and approach the situation with God’s agenda in mind, I think you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that peace is worth fighting for.

Romans 12:18 states:

“If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.” (NASB)

So how do we resolve interpersonal conflict? Here are a few tips:

  • Let it go. Another word for this would be forgiveness. It’s hard, but sometimes it’s necessary. And let’s face it, sometimes women can be cray-cray (we can’t say that here, right? Our husbands aren’t around). If you can’t just forgive, move on and not hold it as a grudge, then proceed to the next step.
  • Take it to the person. Talk it out. This is the active part of peacemaking. The part that a lot of women don’t want to do…the confrontation. Approach the person in love. Sometimes the best thing you can do is get it out on the table. You might discover that the person who has offended you will immediately apologize and take responsibility. Or, they might at least give you their perspective on the situation and you might find that you are the one who needs to apologize. Either way, it’s true that there are always two sides to every coin. As the old saying goes, “There’s three sides to every story. Your side, my side, and the truth.”
  • Take people or a person with you to discuss with the person. If you try to talk it out and you find yourself at odds, try to find a neutral party to act as a mediator.

God’s goal is reconciliation. He says that peacemakers shall be called “sons of God” and being a son of God requires action through faith. God sacrificed His loving and perfect Son to initiate peace. “Prince of Peace” is not just a crafty alliteration. It is the perfect illustration for who we should strive to be.

So I ask you, do you have conflict with someone in your life right now? Are you at odds with a friend or family member? Is your home filled with fighting words? It’s not worth it. Life is short. Take steps to reconcile. Approach. Apologize. Forgive.

Be a peacemaker. It’s worth fighting for.


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