Go For It!

About three days after we learned the news of our newest addition (BABY!), I got a call from a friend of our family’s offering me a part time position for a nonprofit organization. The position includes administrative work, which is my gift from the Lord! I love to have things to CHECK OFF MY LIST! Yippee!!!!!! This is an organization I BELIEVE IN! We partner with churches to serve in three different communities in the Dominican Republic. These communities are NO Punta Cana, let me tell you. It can be heart wrenching to walk into these communities. But let me tell you, the hearts of so many of the people are beautiful! So, I began this job, and then got a call two weeks ago asking me if I wanted to go the very next week to the Dominican. WHAAAAAT?!


Now, you all know by now that I’m a control freak, so something out of the blue?! Not in my plan? Should I really do this?! I talked to Tyler, and MAN…we thought WHY NOT? SO the very next Friday, I flew to the Dominican…pregnant and all! I got the chance to be a part of a weekend women’s retreat. 20 of the women from the three communities came to this retreat to cast vision for helping their communities. They came to hear from the Word of God, worship Him, and learn how to be better-equipped leaders. I knew a few of the women at the retreat from our trip back in June, but most of them I didn’t even know. Yet, they made me feel incredibly welcome. They greeted me with hugs and kisses, beautiful smiles, and kind words! They came ready to learn!


We dove right in! The sessions were great! We had an awesome response from the women. I must share with you one of my favorite personal stories from the weekend, though. Secretly, worry began to settle in my heart as I was hot, tired, and trying to work hard. I thought, “Maybe I’m hurting my baby…I bet his or her heart is no longer beating, etc.” Insane thoughts of a worrywart. I didn’t share these worries with a soul. I told my break-out group that I am expecting, and they were excited!!! The next day before breakfast, one of the ladies from my group came over to me, placed one hand on my stomach and one in the air, and began praying. I had no idea what in the world she said, but that didn’t matter. She went to the feet of Jesus on mine and my baby’s behalf without even knowing my fears. Then, she kissed my belly. Tears. A peace came over me that was incredible! God knows the secret cries of our hearts, ladies! He sees our deepest worries and anxieties. He truly cares. There are so many crazy things happening in our world right now. Unsettling and scary things. There are countless problems we can worry about. But that worry just represents the fear and lack of trust in our great God. Pray for beautiful ways for Him to show you His love and grace this week. And hey, take an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary! Talk to that stranger at the store. Invite that coworker to lunch. Pray with a friend over something on your heart. Take that random (but not so random to God) trip to the Dominican. You never know how much of a blessing it may be!