Humbled Hearts Daybook GIVEAWAY

Today we are taking a mid-week break from the hustle and bustle. Jillian Dolberry of Hazel Berry Design is giving away a Humble Hearts Daybook to one winner. You may recognize the Daybook from a giveaway earlier this year, but this Daybook is the new and improved edition, plus, it has pretty flowers on the front cover.


Jillian and I go way back. And by way back I mean we met online in January. :) I first contacted Jillian in hopes she would be of help in rebranding my photography business. It only took a couple of emails to realize that we were the perfect fit and I was confident she would do a remarkable job on creating a new look and feel for Alyssa Martin Photography (didn’t she do a GREAT job?!). One of the first steps to the branding process was a face-time meeting to get to know each other more and figure out the next steps. What I learned about Jillian during this meeting was that she 1) is awesome and 2) has a heart for the Lord that I admire greatly.

After taking a step back from the insatiable corporate world, Jillian started an online shop that “houses gifts to harvest a fulfilling life through faith and prayer.” Among many pretty Scripture prints, Jillian designed and created the Humbled Hearts Daybook – a 6 month journal for prayers & spiritual growth (available in multiple cover options!).


This 100% linen cover/saddle stitched journal features a variety of topics including: Humble Focus (new topic each month that goes with the monthly verse), prayer requests for family & friends, struggle + fears, forgiveness, goals + dreams, intentional living, joy stealers, don’t give up, on my heart, & gratefulness.





The Humble Heart Daybook sells for only $15.00, but Jillian has graciously provided discount codes for those of you who want to buy in bulk. Go in with some friends or stock up for Christmas gifts for your girlfriends!

QTY 3-9: use code “DAYBOOK1” / $14.00 ea
QTY 9-20: use code “DAYBOOK2” /13.50 ea
QTY 20+ please contact for pricing quote.

But wait…there’s more. Purchasing from Hazel Berry Design Co. gets even sweeter because your giving keeps on giving. As of April 1 of this year, Jillian decided to donate a portion of the Hazel Berry Design Co. shop sales to Compassion International‘s program to purchase bibles for children in extreme poverty in other countries. Why? Here’s her answer:

The more I was blessed with this business the more I began to see how much more it could do for others through it. I am excited about being able to give back and giving you the opportunity to be apart of it as well. 

Read more about why she gives and how you can too, here.


It just wouldn’t be in true GLOW fashion to do a giveaway without showing you the story behind the product. Take a moment to read a piece of Jillian’s heart – it’s worth the .34939 seconds.

Before I started Hazel Berry Design Co. , I was living in a state of mind where I couldn’t get anywhere fast enough. It was a season of life where I was only focused on “MORE”. Blessings were all around me, but I wasn’t enjoying them because I was always moving, always working, always searching for the next big thing. I was greatly inspired by women who seemed to do it all – Chasing their dreams, finding time with the Lord, keeping a balanced home life… and their sanity while doing all of those things. So with rose colored glasses I strived to be just like them, spreading myself way too thin just trying to keep up with what I felt was an obtainable goal. I mean if they do it, why can’t I?! I quickly realized that I had it all wrong. My “drive” was working against me. So, through deep thought and prayer I realized that my calling wasn’t to climb a corporate ladder, make sure I had dinner prepared every night, or even always keep my self together, My calling was to sit, be still and allow God to speak through me, my thoughts, and my talents.

Hazel Berry Design Co. and every product we create and sell is designed to nurture the concept of being still in the midst of a go-getter, fast pace world. Often times we get lost in the details of everyday life. Run this errand, do this chore, make this payment, etc. But rushing from task to task distracts us from what we are being called to focus on… People, relationships, and doing things that fill us with joy. Taking time for your self and with the Lord can lead to more inspiration. In an effort to nurture and grow that concept in each of your hearts, Hazel Berry Design Co. Shop was created. 

And, in case you don’t remember… here is a brief peek into a day in the life of “Jillian”:


I am a wife to an elementary PE teacher, momma to our sweet son Crew and our golden retriever Stella, and an avid tea drinker with a heart for Jesus. I own the graphic design and paper goods shop, Hazel Berry Design Co. My faith plays a big role in my everyday life and how I operate my business. I believe that design is a calling to bless others with creativity just as our Lord, the Master Designer, has done for us.

To learn more about Jillian, visit here. You can also check out her blog and I know she would love to hear from you as well.


TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: Follow @glowliveaslight AND @hazelberrydesign on Instagram. Then, tag three friends in the comments of the photo that looks like this:

IMG_5891 copy

If you don’t have instagram, don’t worry! Post a comment on this blog post telling us about a topic or two you would like to see covered on GLOW in the coming weeks.

The winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday and will be notified by GLOW. In the meantime, be sure to show Jillian some love and visit Hazel Berry Design online at

This giveaway is for US residents only. Participants may only be entered for the giveaway one time.

  • Jana Aplin

    Although I don’t have instagram, I have thought about a few topics I’d love to see on Glow!
    Discipleship/mentoring. I lead a dozen high school girls in our youth group and am hungry for encouragement and ideas to connect with them. Additionally, I have a mentor who is full of wisdom and desire to lead younger women the intentional way she has led me. Stories of other disciple/mentor relationships would be a great read!
    More practical posts. I love reading stories on glow, but it’s also refreshing to see a post with application points, like how to read the bible or steps to take in a prayer journal, etc.
    Equipping posts. I’ve noticed a trend in America of people choosing their friends and ignoring others. We’re called to love everyone as Christ loves us. Between technology, social media, broken families, cultural issues, and more, it’s hard to navigate with a heart focused on Christ. Equipping posts on how to live well in this world would be do helpful!

    Every weekday I read your posts before I climb out of bed in the morning. Thanks for your blessings of words, wisdom and stories, that help me begin my day with a heart tuned to God!

    • Alyssa Martin

      Hi Jana,

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful insight. We will DEFINITELY take these ideas into consideration. I am like you – I really like the practical, application posts as well. I think all of your ideas would fit our audience perfectly and would be well-received. Thank you for being a part of GLOW and following along daily. We are so grateful!