Don’t Just Be a Pretty Mug

I love to step through the sliding glass doors of TJ Maxx. A sense of excitement rushes through my veins! I usually pass straight by the handbags, past the racks of clothes, and onto the back of the store where the blessed HOME section lies. Home. Home is good. The home section at TJ Maxx is ON POINT. As I walk through the dishes, I spot the mugs. The warm, inviting, fun and festive MUGS. YES! There are pink piggies, Mr. and Mrs. sets, hooty owls, adorable flowery designs. I mean there’s a variety unthinkable. There’s something sweet to me about a brand new mug. I imagine warm beverages kissing my lips. Hot chocolate, coffee, apple cider. OH MY YUM. I’m infinitely more likely to grace my tongue with those drinks if I have a cute mug to sip them out of. Really, they should put me on a TJ Maxx commercial. I will jump through the aisles for them shouting “YES YES YES!…” carrying my adorable new mugs. I mean who wouldn’t want to jump in their cars (in their comfy pants) to get to the store RIGHT AWAY for a mug after seeing that commercial?

Anyway…mugs are great. You get what I’m saying! At MOPS last week, (I won’t talk about my MOPS meetings every month, this one just stuck out to me – I HAVE TO SHARE!) we decorated adorably cute mugs. I didn’t quite get the artistic/creative gene in my family, so I Pinterested some ideas for Sharpie mugs. I found one with the word “SMILE” and ran with it. Here’s what I came up with:

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Tucked inside the mugs was a piece of paper that said the following:

“You can’t pour from an empty cup! ‘LORD, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure.’ Psalm 16:5”

That phrase and verse have stuck with me all week. A mug’s purpose is to hold things, specifically beverages. When it isn’t holding a beverage, it’s not fulfilling its’ purpose. When it’s not fulfilling its’ purpose, it’s just a cute mug sitting on the shelf. It’s not bringing life or joy or fulfillment to its full potential.

Can’t you just see us empty mugs buzzing around? We look adorably cute on the outside, but on the inside we’re empty. We aren’t fulfilling our purposes. We aren’t bringing life, joy, or fulfillment to anyone. We’re empty. I can just imagine God picking us up when we become His children, shouting “YES YES YES!” throughout Heaven. Another one is HIS! But how sad He must become when He sees us trying to scrape by during our days without Him. We’re sitting there before Him, with eyes completely averted. He may have a few mugs asking Him to fill them, but definitely not all. Some remain empty as He urges us to come to Him for refreshing.

When we wake up every day, He’s the one we should go to for fueling. He should be the coffee in our mugs (figuratively, of course, but you can – and should – still have the literal cup of coffee, too! You could even fill up with both at the same time!). He is our source of strength, rest, fulfillment, joy, and vitality. HE IS IT.

I want to be the best wife and mom. I’m never ever, ever able to accomplish that on my own. I can tell when I’m an empty mug (so can Tyler) running only on still lingering drops. I can’t pour into my husband’s cup or into my son’s cup until I have been poured into myself. Take some time to be poured into today! This is your day to be a FULL mug.

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