On Not Running


I’ve seen a picture on Pinterest that says, “If you see me running, you better start running, too, because it means someone’s chasing me!” I am NOT a runner in the physical sense. But sometimes in the relational or circumstantial sense, I run a lot. Most would call this procrastination. One such instance came to a head last week.

We set up my health insurance on auto-pay. Last month, Shawn let me know that the company charged us twice. He handed me the invoice, but I put it in my purse and forgot all about it. He then brought it to my attention again, reminding me I was supposed to call last month about it, and had even created an Excel spreadsheet to show the now twice duplication of charges.

Shawn is the financial guru and even though we’ve taken Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course, I’m still the free spirit and don’t like dealing with money. This goes back to my childhood and how I wasn’t taught how to deal well with money. Ironically, even though my dad was director of finance for a school district, he didn’t take care of our family’s finances well and never passed on to my sister and me the right and wise way to deal with money.

So I mostly ignore money and thank God on a very regular basis that He’s provided a husband who is wise and good and right with money – almost to a fault (some might call him a cheapskate!).

The thing with my insurance company is that I have to do it myself – they don’t allow anyone else to call and talk about my account. It was my responsibility to call and get it fixed, but I hate confronting things like this – a bit ironic since I do this all the time at work – it brings about peace! Take for example just last week. I specifically requested paperwork from a coworker by a certain deadline. When he failed to produce, I called him on it letting him know it was not helpful for the team and that he keep in mind paying attention to details in the future. How in the world can I not make a simple phone call to correct an accounting error?

Giving myself this pep talk, I put the kids down for a nap, bit the bullet and made the call. Hands shaking, mouth getting dry, the phone rings and the nicest sounding lady – think Jennifer Garner – answers the phone. I explained the situation, gave her all the detailed payments my husband had outlined on the Excel file and anxiously awaited her response.

She asked to put me on hold while she checked the account. I paced back and forth down the hallway. Thinking it would take at least 37 minutes, she came back on the line within five, apologized for the mishap and thanked me for bringing it to her attention! She credited my account for the next two months!

I couldn’t believe it – God honored my bringing the problem to light. By not backing down, or ignoring my responsibility, the issue was resolved, and in a better way than I could have imagined.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 21:1

Not only did I get the MOST helpful Customer Service Representative ever – so patient and willing to admit the error – she made it right while I was on the phone. There was no arguing. There was no sending me to three different people and my having to explain the situation over and over. I hung up the phone, sighed a huge sigh of relief, and said a prayer of thanksgiving. While this is such a small example, God showed me that embracing my vulnerability and fear in this situation was worth every minute and that when I face the hard but necessary confrontations, He is my stronghold.


Is there a problem you’ve been putting off? Procrastinating out of fear? I encourage you to bring the issue into the light – break it into smaller action steps if need be – and let God show you He is your light and salvation. Instead of the problem being a stronghold, let God be your stronghold.

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unnamedLoren Latourelle

I’m a part-time working mom of two in my mid-thirties learning to be like Jesus in the big and small dailies in San Francisco. I have a degree in English (Auburn University) and a Masters of Divinity (Golden Gate Seminary). I’m from the South, but not of the South. I’ve traveled to France, Ukraine, and China and, on a regular basis, come in contact with all of those nationalities plus a half a dozen more at the playground seven blocks from the flat we call home. I live in the grace and love of Jesus and live out, as best I know how, that grace and love to others. I beg for God’s kingdom come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven – in my corner of the great city of San Francisco, as well as in all the other amazingly beautiful corners of the world – including yours, wherever that may be!