A GLOW Story


Happy Almost Birthday GLOW!!!!!

That’s right everyone, can you believe this has been going on for a year minus a day?!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I wanted to share with you all about the role GLOW has played in my life, my relationship with Alyssa, our founder, and how thankful I am to be a part of this community.

When Alyssa first told me about her idea to start a blog for young women seeking to center their lives on Jesus, I was checking out in the line at Hobby Lobby in the thick of planning for my wedding. She sent this long message over Facebook, just sharing what was on her heart for women, especially in our generation, and I was so inspired by her audacity to dream big and her courage to share it with other people. I wanted to be a part of it in any way I could and during GLOW’s beginnings that meant trying to write as a guest as often as I could, reading along and sharing this inspiring community with my family and friends.

Alyssa and I have been friends since the 5th grade and one of my favorite things about our friendship was the way we encouraged each other to live how Christ had called us to live. Sure we would order frosties and fries at the Wendy’s drive through, giggle way too much, and have girl talk late at night just like all the other middle school girls, but our friendship was much deeper because of our common relationship with Christ.

That continued through high school and even college as we both went different directions geographically, we seemed to connect at just the right time to offer encouragement and understanding through the different seasons God was taking us through. I remember her first telling me about Michael, and then soon after that they were getting MARRIED!! They both met my now husband Drew, and explained to me that boys don’t fly to visit you in Texas from Colorado if they just want to be friends. Before we knew it she was flying back to Colorado to be the best photographer in the world at our wedding. And soon after that GLOW was born.

Car Selfie

Photo Credit: Alyssa Martin Photography

rearview mirror

Photo Credit: Alyssa Martin Photography

I was so excited to share what God had called Drew and me to in a GLOW interview, and I loved sharing about the beginnings of marriage in a later post. As we transitioned from newly-wed life in Denver, to new expatriates in Zambia, it seemed as if God would lay things on my heart to write about, and I would think about the GLOW writers and readers often. Many of our family and friends back home were counting on Drew and I to blog and keep them informed about our life in Africa, and that sounded exciting, but I wanted something more.

I kept up with GLOW as often as I could get Internet, and it always pointed to a source of life for me. Moments where I wanted to sit in my room and feel sorry for myself about something we had gone through adjusting to our new life, and then I would remember that there was a GLOW email in my inbox I could read through. It was so encouraging just knowing there were other women around the world seeking Jesus in their crazy lives too. Their stories and reflections drew me to seek God more and open up to Him in order to deal with my situation instead of trying to do it in my own strength.

Then, Alyssa asked me to consider joining the weekly team of writers at GLOW. We had been in Zambia for a few months and life felt like an absolute roller coaster. However, amongst all the craziness, I couldn’t shake the feeling that God kept tugging at my heart to truly consider this opportunity.

I didn’t know how it would fit into my ever-changing schedule, and ever decreasing connections to the Internet, but I also felt a deep conviction like this might be what God was calling me to do. Maybe I wasn’t just supposed to just blog about my adventurous life in Zambia, instead it seemed like God wanted to keep me accountable for sharing all the things He has been teaching me, simply as His follower. It was also a challenge to pay attention to where God is in every situation, no matter what. Each week can be a struggle in deciding what to write about, but my prayer is that through this blog we would see more of Him and less of us.

Alyssa had a dream to create this online platform for women to connect over their relationship with Christ. I had this secret dream to write more about where I had been seeing God move in my life. What dreams has God been placing on your heart? We are God’s children and He wants to make those things He has hidden deep in our hearts a reality. May we open up and let Him.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 poetically reminds me of this idea,

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.” (ESV)

God created us to be beautiful. He created us to long for eternity and His kingdom come. Alyssa and I had no idea that our friendship in the 5th grade would blossom into a friendship that would encourage us through high school, college, our careers, and marriage. I’m not sure she had any idea that her dream of young women connecting through our faith online would turn into 260 blogs found on GLOW by tomorrow.

This week we celebrate one year of GLOW, join us in celebrating the beautiful things the Lord has done in your life. May we remember to share them with one another and encourage one another to live lives worthy of the God who has called us into His marvelous light.

May we all GLOW!