Welcoming GLOW’s Intern

The ways that God continues to work through GLOW amazes me. It was almost exactly one year ago that I decided to officially take a leap of faith and begin this journey. I was confident that this was something the Lord wanted me to pursue, but I was nervous and insecure about creating a blog that wasn’t successful according to my standards or even worse, failed completely, making me look silly to family and friends.

I began the process of reaching out to other women to gauge interest for an online blogging community (and to see if I had gone certifiably insane). Every day that went by I received some form of encouragement from women – my inbox filled with notes of excitement. I knew this was something I couldn’t let go. After prayerful consideration, I contacted Kelsey and Andi – both women of God and good friends that I knew would make wonderful additions to the weekly GLOW team. And the rest is history. We launched GLOW on September 29, 2014 (read our full story here).

launchIt’s been a fun ride! We have posted every weekday since for a total of 225 posts. We have been blessed with getting to know so many new friends, growing together in our relationship with the Lord, and praying for each other daily. We have shared recipes, iPhone graphics, and home renovations. We have hosted giveaways and supported friends who are starting new ventures of their own. One of our favorite parts of GLOW have been the guest posts. For the first few months, we shared two guest posts each week and we continue to reserve Fridays for guest posts (big thanks to our monthly writers – Morgan, Loren, Kristen, Teresa, Kailey, and others). I could go on to thank many more people by name, but the list would be far too long. We are so grateful for ALL of you who have contributed. NOTE: If you are interested in contributing, click here for information on submissions.

In May, our weekly writing team made room for one more. Andi, Kelsey and I had been praying through the idea of adding another weekly member and when we decided to begin the search, Amanda was the first person that came to mind. Amanda was newly married and had recently moved to Africa with her husband to make a new home on the mission field. I knew weekly contributions would be a long shot as Internet connections are difficult at times, but i knew I had to try. I emailed Amanda and she responded with a big, “YES”! We couldn’t have been more excited.

This summer has been a time for growth for GLOW. I started a new job in June and Mike and I have traveled more than ever before. While I knew I wanted to continue GLOW and I really enjoyed writing, I was pressed for time. I knew that I was unable to give the attention to the blog that I was able to give in previous months. So I began praying for someone to partner with in order to help with uploading posts and posting daily to social media. I wasn’t sure what this would like look or who would be interested in the administrative aspects of the blog, but as always, the Lord answered my prayer in more ways than one. Not only did I meet a Godly woman with an interest in blogging, but she also has a passion for women, is an incredible writer and is a great friend.

Last month I learned that there were two interns coming to Fort Worth to spend some time with us at the seminary. After spending a few days with Lauren, I knew that she was someone special. As we were sitting at Steel City Pops (gourmet popsicles in hand), I nervously mentioned the needs for GLOW and asked her to think through the idea of joining the team. After a couple exchanged emails, she said, YES!

Today, I am excited to introduce you to our newest team member and intern, Lauren Koski.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLauren is a senior at California Baptist University in Riverside, California. She will be graduating in May with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and New Media with concentrations in Global Journalism and Media Photography.

Lauren has a heart for the nations and a desire to reach the world for Christ. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, pretty pictures and is the editor-in-chief of her campus magazine. Here are a few words from Lauren:

“Well, hello there! My name is Lauren and I am a follower of Jesus Christ. As a senior at California Baptist University and the Editor-in-Chief of the campus magazine, Pursuit, you can find me at anytime reading in a coffee shop or working closely with my fellow editors in the newsroom. I believe in harnessing the media’s influence for the Gospel and believe that storytelling will be a strategic tool used for the growth of His Kingdom. I am excited to be interning with GLOW and look forward to the ways Jesus will use this platform for His glory.”

Click here to read Lauren’s extended profile. Also, be sure to follow Lauren on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Lauren will be uploading posts on a daily basis, helping with our social media presence (follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest), and writing when she can squeeze it in  her busy schedule. In case you missed it last Friday, check out her first post here. Isn’t she great?

We are so excited to have Lauren a part of the GLOW team and we have been looking forward to sharing this news with you!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this blogging venture over the past year, it is that no matter how big our audience, every ounce of work is worth it if it affects, changes or helps one person…just one. I am slightly ashamed and embarrassed to say that I went into this thinking in the back of my mind that if we weren’t the next Beth Moore, IF: Gathering or Jenn Hatmaker, it would mean GLOW was unsuccessful. That thought couldn’t be more wrong. If we are doing what the Lord has called us to do, we are successful. By Gods grace, we have been blessed with an abundance of readers and a supportive community of women who love the Lord. To all of you, our faithful readers, thank you for all your support. GLOW would be just a silly idea if it weren’t for you. On behalf of Andi, Kelsey, Amanda, Lauren and myself, we are excited for what’s ahead.

Let us know if we can pray for you in any way and be sure to shoot Lauren a note welcoming her to the team!