Inhale: Refresh!

Do you ever just need a breath of FRESH AIR? Something new, exciting, and beautiful?! This thought immediately transports me to one of my favorite days of the year. The day I am finally able to wrap up in my warm cardigan, throw on a fluffy scarf, button up my freshly washed blue jeans, open the door and INHALE crisp, cool fall air. That’s the kind of freshness I’m talking!

Well, I decided I needed this freshness in my life as we said goodbye to summer “break” and hello to the start of the school year. Our little family of 3 currently lives in our church’s parsonage, and I have continually put off doing any updating to the kitchen for fear of moving to a house of our own. I’ve always looked at our current kitchen as ummm… something far from my taste. The sweet ladies at church put it together, so I certainly can’t complain! However, it became time for me to update it to something a little more my style! So with a bucket of paint, a sewing machine and fabric, and my momma to help, we accomplished the goal! Oh, and nap time for the wee one and lots of puffs to keep him occupied were key as well!

Baby copy

We grabbed our paintbrushes, cranked up some music, and went to work! First things first, though! We needed to make valances! I know valances aren’t necessarily IN right now… And by that I mean Joanna Gaines never puts them in her designs! BUT I went with them in our cramped kitchen space anyway, and they were easy to make! Plus, I wanted to add some blinds, so the roman shades weren’t going to cut it this round. Anyway… Valances made, walls painted, pictures hung, and freshness created!


So here’s the BEFORE:

B1 copy

B2 copy

B3 copy

Now, let’s all exhale the before and INHALE this AFTER:

A1 copy

A2 copy

A3 copyI can’t tell you how good that bucket of paint and a little updating has done for my heart! I actually want to spend a little time in my kitchen!

So what about you? What do YOU need to refresh? Is it your kitchen walls? Do you need to add some new pop-of-color throw pillows to your well-worn couches? Or is it something a little more serious? Do you need to sit down, open your Bible, and breathe in the Word of God? Hey, that kitchen facelift refreshed me, but there’s nothing/no one that refreshes me more than INHALING Jesus Christ! He’s better than that first crisp, cool day of fall.

Do yourself a favor today…Go get your refresher and ENJOY! :)

“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” Jeremiah 31:25


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    I love this!!