“She who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

Read that aloud and PROCLAIM it today! This scripture has been on my heart and mind for the past 3 weeks. I have posted it next to my bathroom mirror, inside my car, next to my bed, in my Bible, and have been trying very hard to commit it to memory. Let’s dissect this a tad bit.

When I looked up the definition of dwell, here’s what I found: to live or stay as a permanent resident; reside.

She who dwells (lives, resides) in the secret place of the Most High… doesn’t the “secret place of the Most High” sound like the perfect place to permanently live? Some translations call it the shelter rather than the secret place. They both sound amazing, though. The secret place sounds like the best hiding spot in Hide-and-Seek. A place where no danger can find you. The shelter protects you from all the peril threatening to steal your security. And you know who’s there? The Most High. Our FATHER. God! It’s HIS shelter. He IS the shelter.

When we are there, we are stable and fixed. Can I get an AMEN? How many of you think those two words sound extremely enticing? I sure do! I hate to admit it but sometimes my emotions rule me. I flap and flail in the wind of my emotions like a flag high on a pole during a tumultuous storm. So to remain stable and fixed—emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually—I’ll certainly take it! That sounds sweeter than fresh honey from a honeycomb. Mmm mmm mmm!

That stability and rest (in other translations) comes when we’re under the shadow of the Almighty. Every time I read this phrase, I envision a momma bird with her giant wings spread over her helpless newborn baby birds, protecting them from those who may see them as prey. She is her baby’s protector, shield, stability, and rest. They constantly know they’re taken care of when they’re under their momma’s wing.

One of my FAVORITE worship songs (Dwell—Aaron Keyes) is written based on this passage. Here are some of the lyrics: (If you’ve never heard this song, look it up!)

“Though a thousand may fall at my side
Though the enemy war against me
I will not fear the terror by night
I will hide in the shadow of your wings
I will dwell in the shelter of the Most High God
I will rest in the beauty of your presence
Your faithfulness is a shield and my great reward
I will not be afraid, I will trust in the Lord.”

I weep every time I sing this song. The beauty of the shelter of the Most High is astounding! The opportunity we have to permanently reside there is incredible, especially considering our sinful state. Thankfully, those of us who know Christ are covered by His blood and by His unending grace. There’s no way for us to dwell in this beautiful secret place if we don’t first have a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s vital to our very existence and security for all eternity.

This scripture has been hard-pressed on my heart and mind this month. It’s amazing the situations that spur my mind to recall these sweet words. I encourage you to write these words on your heart and recall them to mind when you’re tempted to dwell in a place other than with our sweet Jesus. I pray you dwell in that secret place, my sisters!