6 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Devotional Life

I started a new job on June 4. With transition always comes a break in routine. If you are like me, routine is necessary for consistency. While I have thoroughly enjoyed my new job, I am working on finding a new routine for my daily devotions and time with Jesus.


I am now working at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary doing social media and digital marketing.

Everyone goes through transition at some point. Whether you are a mom and your children are now home for the summer, a college student with a new class schedule at the start of a semester or if you’ve simply gone on a vacation, we’ve all experienced a break in consistency or change in routine.

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Mike and I have traveled more this year than ever before. Last weekend we went to his parent’s lake house in Oklahoma for July 4th. Jet skis with family on the lake is the perfect combination for celebrating our country’s birthday! 

Despite what our daily lives look like or the activities that we have going on, the one thing that needs to stay consistent is spending personal time with the Lord each day. Jesus said, “Follow me” (Matthew 4:19, Matthew 16:24, Matthew 19:28, Mark 1:17, Mark 10:21, Luke 5:27, Luke 18:22, John 1:38…).

“And He was saying to them all, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” Luke 9:23 (NIV)

But you can’t have followship without fellowship. It is necessary for us to spend time with God daily, both in prayer and through reading Scripture. We’re all guilty of letting it slip at times! Today I’m discussing six tips for jumpstarting your devotional life.

  1. Consider setting aside a whole hour one day to read your Bible and pray as a jumpstart to daily devotions. Take your journal, Bible and a pen to Starbucks after work one day and soak up personal time with Jesus. Spending extended time in the Word can serve as a reminder of how good time with Jesus is and in my experience, the more time I spend with the Lord, the hungrier I get for His Word. If you have been lacking consistency in your quiet times, this is a great way to jumpstart a new routine.


  1. Devote specific times in a day for prayers. Mark a landmark on your commute to work or set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to pray everyday.
  2. Read a chapter from Proverbs each day for a month. The book of Proverbs is full of guidance and wisdom and conveniently, there are 31 chapters – one for each day of the month!
  3. Wake up earlier. Many of my mom-friends express that summers are hard for daily devotions because of the change in routine. The daily activities that occur during the school year are not in session, so finding the time to spend with God is difficult. Sometimes we have to take a practical approach and simply set the alarm a few minutes early each day. While it may be hard to wake up, the pay off is well worth it.
  4. It may sound cheesy, but find a friend as an accountability partner. Make a commitment with a friend and check in with one another to keep each other accountable. Remember this is to be done in love and not to beat one another up for missing a day. Use this as a source of encouragement.
  5. Set an attainable goal. Start with something you know you can get done. If you’re new to reading the Bible, commit to reading the book of John. Or maybe you know that reading the New Testament in a year is an attainable goal. Either way, goals can help keep you accountable and can provide motivation for daily reading.

Do you have a routine that works for you? What do you do to keep consistency in your devotional life despite transition?