To Mud or Not to Mud…

Editor’s Note: Today is an exciting day for a good friend of ours, K’Leigh. You’ve seen her writing before here and here. She’s full of spirit, joy and she loves Jesus with her whole heart.

A few months ago K’Leigh approached me with an idea to start a blog much like GLOW. K’Leigh has a heart for women to know God and grow closer to Him daily – I knew a blog would be a perfect fit! While she was nervous about the idea to start, we are so excited to announce that TODAY is the day she officially launches EMERGE – (it will go LIVE at 7am CST).

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K’Leigh has a lot of wisdom to share and if you ever get the pleasure of hanging out with her in person, you will never stop laughing. Check out K’Leigh’s post below and be sure to head over to Emerge and show her some love there. Subscribe to her posts and join in on the conversation. You won’t regret it!

Congrats, K’Leigh! We are so proud of you and your obedience to take the leap of faith with Emerge. We are excited to see the many things the Lord does through you!


 PS. Isn’t she GORGEOUS?



Ever been in a pit? What about a rut? By definition (my definition, so take it for what it’s worth) is that a pit is worse than a rut.  They are both cruddy and frustrating places to be and they both mean you’re stuck.  But where they differ is in how stuck.

Picture this: It’s the day after a nice rain, enough rain to wet the ground not so much you start googling floods or torrential rains… you take a look at the field in the back and take a gander (you gander when speaking of redneck activities) at the pickup truck in the drive and you know it’s time to do some muddin’.  FYI-there can’t be a ‘g’ in “ing” when you are using redneck terms, thank me later.  So, while participating in said “muddin” there is a good chance you get your tires in some pretty deep muddy ruts.  When your wheels are spinnin’ and you ain’t (don’t look at me like that, you use “ain’t” when you are muddin’ without a ‘g’) going forward, you my friend, are stuck.  You have two options, really there are probably a lot more options but it’s my visual so today you have two, go get Bubba to pull you out with his pickup or take a chance at putting the truck in drive and then flipping it into reverse and trying to rock the vehicle out of the ruts.

Now, if you are in a pit you have to start thinking differently.  A pit is deeper.  It has walls.  Walls that sometimes appear way over your head.  Since I gave you a visual for the ruts let me do the same for the pit.

You’re on a beautiful hike on a gorgeous trail.

Trail Pic

This might even be a trail that you walk daily, you’re very familiar with each curve and rock in the trail.  You know where the bush gets thicker and you may get some scratches while navigating through that particular thicket.  It may be the first time you have walked this path.  It doesn’t really matter.  Either your familiarity with the trail or your unfamiliarity is what ultimately leads you to miss the upcoming pit. And down you go.  Typically there are some injuries that incur during the fall, the ego is the first to catch the brunt.  So, there you are, lying in a pit, ego crushed, bones bruised, covered in confusion and anger.  To get out of a pit you will for sure need some kind of outside help.

This really isn’t about the pit or the rut itself (What?? You just made me read all of that gibberish about rednecks, and ruts, and hiking and bruises and it doesn’t matter?? Stay with me.) but more about what happens to you in the pit or rut.  Your actions and attitudes in the predicament are what the Lord is concerned with and what our focus is today.

There are some who will live their entire lives in a rut or a pit and never even know they are there.  They think everybody is as miserable as they are and that there is no true joy in life.  I would venture to say that most people who do not know the saving grace of Jesus are living in a perpetual rut to pit to pit to rut.  The minute they are out of the muddy ruts they are falling into a pit.  This could be the definition of hopelessness.  A life that is devoid of true joy.  There may be moments of happiness but happiness is circumstantial so it is fleeting.  Nehemiah 8:10 reminds us that “the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  When you know the Lord as your personal Savior you are never without Him, therefore you are never without the source of joy.

There are others who know full well they are in a pit but do nothing about it.  Some of these people will do nothing because they don’t know what to do!  They’re stuck like chuck and ain’t even askin’ for help!  These people just need to take action by seeking wisdom.  First, from the Lord.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” James 1:5

Secondly, seek wisdom from those who have been there.  Be willing to be transparent about where you are and there will be others willing to be transparent about where they had been and how they got out!

Other’s will do nothing because fear immobilizes them from fleeing the pit.  They are afraid of making the wrong decision or they are more afraid of what’s outside of the pit! Sometimes this pit is similar to a comfort zone.  You may not like exactly where you are but it’s familiar.  “I know these are some nasty ruts I’m muddin’ in but I know these ruts.  I know how stuck I am and that I probably can’t go much further down.  I don’t know if there are more ruts or pits that I’ll get stuck in!”  Leaving the pit will mean that you have to get out of your comfort zone and step into the unknown.  This takes faith. When I think of stepping out in faith I can’t help but think of Abraham. If you aren’t familiar with his story go read it!  But this one sentence from Genesis 12:1 sums up my point:

“The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from our country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” Genesis 12:1

Not only was Abraham tasked with loading up his people (family, workers, slaves) but his father’s household as well (again family, workers, slaves). Add to this animals, livestock and possessions.  Here is the real kicker, God tells him to go to a place He will show him, He didn’t even give him a destination!  How often do we say, “Okay God, I will go but just tell me when, where and how.” We want to know the specifics before we get into action but that’s not how this works!  We need to trust the Lord and have faith that He will do what He says and that if He asks us to go that He will provide a way and a place!  If you have been in that pit because you are scared to get out – have faith, sister! Step out in boldness!

We will all at one time or another fall into a rut that can lead to a pit.  Nobody’s pit will be just the same but we are all guaranteed to experience trials at some point.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

He doesn’t say “you might have tribulation” he says “you WILL”.  But take heart; Jesus has overcome the world!  That is the reason to climb out of that pit friend!  This is also the reason to not be afraid to go muddin’ or go tear up that new trail, God may be asking you to take that leap of faith into the mud or unknown road!



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Joseph and K'LeighK’Leigh Ware

I am a wife of 10 years to a hunk-of-a-hard worker who lovingly puts up with my quirkiness. I am also a home-schooling mommy to three gorgeously amazing little girls who keep my laughing. Most importantly I love the Lord with all my heart, soul and mind. I would love to tell you that I have been loving and serving the Lord all my long days but that’s not quite my story. We will save that for another day! I will say that I am now one of “those” people; those people who are so desperately seeking Jesus that they are willing to be “weird” and do things that the world sees as unconventional for the sake of His kingdom. I would also love to tell you that I do that perfectly every day but that would just not be true. But I do get completely lost in His love and grace for me and my continual three steps forward half a step back life.

  • K’Leigh Joseph Ware

    I am team Alyssa over here, you are awesome and I am so thankful for your friendship, guidance and encouragement during all of this “blog” business!! Love you!!

    • Alyssa Martin

      Love you too K’Leigh! I’m so proud of you… Emerge looks great!! Go you!!!!