How to Host a (low maintenance and lots of fun) Craft Party

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is just for fun! Our good friend Loren hosted a craft party and was kind enough to share her ideas with us! Remember, Kelsey gave us all a great excuse to have girl time in her “Girl Talk” post last week, so here’s your opportunity. :) Make it a get together with friends, Bible Study gals or other mom’s in the area. We hope you have had a wonderful week and have plans for a fun weekend ahead. As always, we are praying for you! Happy Friday and see you Monday!


My mom came up with the fun idea of hosting a craft party. Since this year I’m all about celebrating, I readily agreed to help.

There were three main components to making it happen: the people, the crafts, and the food! The other factors were decoration and preparation.

The People – Choose people who you think will like to craft, as well as those who you think will enjoy the company. My mom actually asked a few people before inviting them if this was something they’d enjoy. Keep it manageable: 8 was the sweet spot for us. We wanted to make sure we had enough room for people to eat and craft!

The Crafts – Pinterest was our go-to. We wanted to have a few different kinds of crafts and enough choices for participants. We had 7 different crafts, and for a few of the crafts, we had multiples so that more than one person could do a craft. We chose crafts that were for any occasion, as well as a few that were seasonally appropriate. We also wanted to provide crafts in varying skill levels so that the crafty people felt challenged and the novices (aka my mom and me) would have a not-so-intimidating choice, as well.

The most popular craft – and luckily we had supplies for three because three of us chose this craft – was the Scrapbook Paper Canvas


IMG_2425 IMG_2420IMG_2427

Other crafts that our guests chose included:

Decoupaged Easter Eggs



Paint Chip Wall Art

IMG_2423 IMG_2421

We even got crafty with the party favors. We handed these out as each guest said their goodbyes (including instructions on how to make these cute little containers at home).

Crafty Party Favor


The Food: It can be as simple or extravagant as you want, but we decided to keep it simple so the crafts could be in the spotlight. We chose brunch because who doesn’t love breakfast food? Also we realized that it still left time for guests to get back to their regular weekend routine and have time for them to finish the craft throughout the weekend. My mom found a recipe for party rolls that she remembers having way back in the 60s! Add an egg casserole, a fruit salad, some mini muffins, and round it off with a yummy cake! We had orange juice and coffee to accompany the delicious fare.

IMG_2415 IMG_2411

Decoration: Again, wanting to keep it simple, my mom came up with the brilliant idea to wrap all surfaces in craft paper. It was decorative and utilitarian. We covered the surfaces where the food was presented, as well as the two tables used for crafting. This also made cleanup a breeze! The only other decoration was to welcome in Spring with a few bouquets of flowers that really added just the pop of color needed!

Preparation: The best idea my mom had was to not only have all the supplies, but have them according to each craft and to put some work into preparing the supplies. We enlisted my husband to paint the canvases. While watching the Voice, we cut out circles of felt, strips of fabric, and squares of scrapbook paper. But as you can see, we made it low maintenance and there was no pressure to finish while at the party. Only two of us finished while there. The rest of us took the craft-in-progress, along with all the supplies to finish, home to finish at a later date.


The goal was gathering people who may or may not know each other; enjoying yummy food; feeling skillful by choosing challenging but not too complicated crafts; and lots of fun and laughter. I’d say mission accomplished!

One guest exclaimed, ‘Well I didn’t feel crafty at all until I came to this party!’

Another one shared, ‘This is a dream come true and now I want to host one for the women at my church!’



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