Walking Into The Unknown

There have only been three major stages of life that I’ve lived in. Ages 0-9, ages 10-19, and 20-21. Drawing from these three stages, I can honestly say that my 20s have brought more craziness than any other age. Being in your 20s brings so many adventures. I’ve truly never experienced anything quite like it, except for these past two years that I’ve been living in them. The best way that I’ve learned to describe them has been “A crazy, colorful, beautiful, and lively mess”.

There are so many different areas in your life that you try your best to keep track of, and sometimes that’s still not enough. Take being a full-time college student for example: you consume yourself in studying, writing papers, highlighting textbooks, and trying not to burn your frozen burrito. You strive for the approval from your professors and your peers. You attempt to get a healthy amount of sleep, if any sleep at all. If you’re anything like me, you tack on more than you probably can handle, and add a little more concealer under your eyes to hide the bags that came to you after a night filled of applying to graduate school. You do all of this while trying to meet lifelong friends and a potential husband or wife? It seems impossible.

As a young adult, I’m overwhelmed with a lot of what I consider impossible. There are so many unknowns and sometimes it drives me crazy! I’ve been slamming myself with questions like “God, will I get accepted into graduate school? Which one?” and “God, will everything work out?” and most commonly, “God, will I be single forever?”  Lately, I feel like I’ve been standing behind God slowly pushing Him in the direction that I want to go. It seems as if I’ve forgotten one of my favorite verses:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding: in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

As a young adult, it’s hard to trust that God will make everything right in His time. It’s hard to fully understand that God will lead me to where He wants me to go. It’s hard to comprehend that God not only cares for my plans, but also organizes them. With everything that is going on in the world right now, it seems that my singleness and my potential acceptance into graduate school is not His number one priority. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you if it is or if it’s not. Here’s what I do know: that God answers prayers. He many not answer them in the fashion that I would have hoped, but He does answer them. I’ll never be stuck waiting in the unknown. I also know that God will give me the desires of my heart (Psalm 37:4), as long as they’re pleasing to Him and according to His plan. One of my desires is to be a wife someday. That day may not be this year, or even in my twenties, but I trust God to handle that it will eventually happen. The last thing that I’ve come to know is that my God loves me. He loves me more than I’ll ever know, and more than my human brain will ever be able to grasp. His love is unfailing, everlasting, never changing, and ever-present. The love from God will always trump any type of humanly love.

I’ve been encouraged by reading through the Psalms recently. I try to focus and pray on one Psalm a week (one that stands out to me) and write it in bright red lipstick on my mirror-so I’m forced to look at it everyday.


This week’s has been Psalm 143:8:

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.”

I could not find a better suiting verse for my life at this moment. I worry about school, my social life, and the future. I worry too much about these things, and forget to trust The Father with everything I have. Praying over this particular Psalm has brought me to understand that Christ walks with me, no matter where I go-and especially through the unknowns. And what is the most beautiful part of that? They’re not unknown to God.



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397957_10150499079722626_2075885081_nCassie McCullough

Cassie McCullough is currently a junior majoring in Social Work and Sociology. She has been a Christ follower since she was young, and likes to let everyone know it. She loves talking about college, beauty, and most of all-Christ. She has worked with adolescent girls for 4 years, and is constantly inspired by the younger generations. She strives to encourage young adults to keep their relationship with Christ as their number 1 priority. You can read about true contentment, modern issues and Biblical truth on her blog hisanchor.blogspot.com -all from the mind of a 21 year old. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @hisanchorblog