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Editor’s Note: I met Jillian with Hazel Berry Design a few weeks ago through my other sweet friend Lauren Hooker with Elle and Co. We quickly hit it off! I initially approached Jillian because I was looking for someone to help me with my photography business branding (it’s coming y’all…get excited!), and Jillian was the perfect girl for the job! She’s not only a great designer with an eye for color, pattern and beautiful inspiration boards, but greatest of all she loves Jesus! It doesn’t get better than that. Once we realized we had a love for the Lord in common, we immediately discussed GLOW and knew she would be a great fit!

Jillian owns a flourishing branding and design company called Hazel Berry Design as well as an etsy shop full of BEAUTIFUL prints, prayer journals and greeting cards. It just so happens that Jillian has offered to GIVE AWAY two items from her shop today (details below)! BUT FIRST, take a gander at Jillian’s blog post regarding tools to help improve your prayer life. Prayer and dedicated, uninterrupted time with Jesus each day is hard for all of us ladies – Jillian gives some practical advice below.

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About a year ago, my prayer life struggled, and before that it was pretty much nonexistent. I was in a place where praying felt weird and inconvenient. I felt like taking my cares to God was a little vain because then I was making it all about me. I also never felt like the time was right to really open my heart to let God in. Some days I was wanting to hide something I was feeling, and some days, I was totally fine with sharing, but before I knew it the end of the day was there and it was “too late” to pray through it. Or Maybe I felt embarrassed, but either way- no praying was happening.

When I started to re-learn how much Jesus loved me (like I had sang over and over in bible school), I started to see why it was so important. And not just that, but how it was going to save me. The emotions a woman carries on a daily basis is enough to sink a ship sometimes, and the only way we can relieve that pressure is by giving our cares to God. It’s the simplest concept, but one of the most challenging to put effort towards.

My friend Olivia, from To The Heights did a blog series on the total life over haul, and prayer is one of those things that can be such a tool into changing your life for the better. You should check out her posts! Improving your prayer life can be challenging. Taking it to a new level requires time, energy and commitment. All of which I feel like I am running low on even before my feet hit the floor in the morning. But without trying, you will never be able to feel all the love the Lord has to offer you. The reward you get from that deeper communication with God is unmatchable. You think you feel better after you vent to a girlfriend? Just wait and see what the Lord does to your heart after a prayer date!


What helped me transition into a more active prayer life where these things:

  • Finding a feel-good place of rest

We are GO GO GO. All the time. If you are like me, silence is boring… I usually like music or TV on in the background, but y’all it’s impossible to give God our hearts when our mind isn’t 100% focused on him. And when there is Taylor Swift on in the background, I am not really thinking about fostering my relationship with God (no offense… love me some t-swift!). Removing distractions, and finding a quiet space that feels good to be in will make you more likely to go back. My favorite places to detach from the distractions are being surrounded by nature, and in my bathtub. Those places make me feel centered and still…not to mention they force me to unplug from social media and just be. What are some of your favorite places to be still?

  • Jesus Calling

There hasn’t been any other small devotional that gives me the type of perspective like Jesus Calling does. I often feel like during or after prayer Jesus is speaking straight into my heart. Not in the whole beam-of-light-deep-voice kind of way, but in a calming-quite-thoughtful kind of way. Reading through the daily Jesus calling pages is like those moments, and it’s like having a real conversation. He is directly telling you in modern words where your head needs to be at for that day, what you need to focus on, etc. This gives me a goal, and always prompts prayer requests for myself and others for that day that I might not have thought about otherwise. It’s also pocket sized and can be carried around with you wherever you go.

  • A Prayer Journal

..Or any journal to document your thoughts. Creating the Humbled Hearts Daybook, this very struggle was in my mind. The struggle of not finding time to pray for everything, of distracting myself to not have to dig too deep, of letting God in completely, and so on. For me, having a safe place to write has been such a huge burden lifted. I know when I get finished going through it that my heart will feel less heavy and I will feel more prepared to face what the day holds. And maybe you need that too. You don’t have to buy a journal, maybe you just use one you already have. Or maybe you can create your own prayer log/schedule for each day. However you decide to do it, documenting helps, and it definitely holds us accountable.


To get you a step closer in bettering your prayer life, I am excited to giveaway two items from the Hazel Berry Design Co. Shop!




We are excited to announce that Jillian is GIVING AWAY a Wonderful Joy art print AND a Humbled Hearts Daybook to ONE WINNER.

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About the Author

DOLBERRY-3Jillian Dolberry

I am a wife to an elementary PE teacher, momma to our golden retriever Stella, and an avid tea drinker with a heart for Jesus. I own the graphic design and paper goods shop, Hazel Berry Design Co. My faith plays a big role in my everyday life and how I operate my business. I believe that design is a calling to bless others with creativity just as our Lord, the Master Designer, has done for us.

  • http://www.excellenttiming.wordpress.com Emily Thibodeau

    Right now, the Lord is teaching me to be patient and happy with where I’m at in life right now!

    emilythibodeau @ gmail.com

    • http://alyssamartinphoto.com Alyssa Martin

      Emily, I completely understand! Finding contentment can be so hard, but if we rest in His presence, everything becomes much easier. The path seems much more clear! Praying for you!

  • Joanna

    The Lord is teaching me patience and also how much better HIS plans are. I am in a valley right now and something He feels very far away.

    • http://alyssamartinphoto.com Alyssa Martin

      Joanna, I love what you said. HIS plans ARE so much better. Know that the Lord loves you very much and cares for you. While it may seem like He is far, He is right there for you, desiring to be close. Praying that you find peace and comfort during this tough time.