Coffee with Kristin Schmucker

When I was prayerfully considering the launch of GLOW, I reached out to a handful of women to see if 1) they thought it was even remotely a good idea and 2) if they would be interested in partnering in some way. Kristin was on my list.

From the get-go, Kristin was on board. I emailed many questions regarding fonts and how to get a blog started and she was so kind to offer her tips and tricks. Since the launch, she has written for GLOW a couple of times (check out her posts here and here) and even took over our Instagram account the first weekend after the launch.

I actually “met” Kristin through Instagram (as many of you have!), but we quickly realized we had so much in common. We both had had a heart to reach women for Christ, we both had wedding photography businesses, we both had husbands who went to Southwestern Seminary, Kristin was embarking on a journey to plant a church and I grew up in a church-planter’s home – oh, and she lived only an hour away from me! Kristin has since moved across the country and while we have not been able to meet in person, I consider her a great friend.

From time to time, I enjoy a virtual coffee date with ladies I admire (remember Amanda?). I was so excited when Kristin accepted my invitation with open arms. Be sure to check out her blog, order goodies from her shop and follow her on Instagram. You will see daily posts full of biblical inspiration, and if you need help staying accountable with your quiet times – she’s you’re girl!

Jesus is written all over Kristin’s face – you’ll love her. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and join us in our conversation below.



  • Tell us about yourself!

I am Jeremy’s wife, Mama to Stella, Sophia, and Emily who is due to arrive in April. But, most of all I am a follower of Jesus. I am passionate about my family, my Savior, and helping other women know God more through His Word.


  • What does a typical day look like for you?

Anyone that has little ones knows that every day can vary, so this is a very flexible typical day. Our day starts around 7 when either I get up, or Stella and I both get up. I usually let Stella watch a movie and eat breakfast while I spend time in the Word. It is so important for my day that I start out in Scripture. I usually do most of my work in the mornings and early afternoons while Stella plays. I write blog posts, respond to emails, and work on new products. We spend the afternoon and evening together as a family, and I try not to work during that time…other than cooking dinner of course.


  • A few years back, you started #lampandlight. Thousands of photos have been tagged with this hashtag! What does “lamp and light” mean to you and what was your motivation behind it?

#lampandlight was started as a way for me to keep myself accountable in spending time in Scripture, and now there is an amazing community of women that use the hashtag. It is a simple reminder of how much we need God’s Word and how it truly is our lamp and light through this life. Women use the hashtag to post about their time in the Word and to encourage other women in the Lord.


  • Your family recently moved across the country to plant a church. What does your role look like in this endeavor?

We are at the very beginning stages of church planting in an area with very few churches, it is a big difference from our former homes in the Bible belt. Right now we are focusing on getting to know our community, and holding monthly Bible studies. My role right now is really just to support and encourage my husband as he takes these little steps to follow the Lord on this journey, and to pray for our community and his leadership.

  • You and your husband ran a successful wedding photography business before your big move. How were you able to find balance between work and mom?

Finding balance is hard. We tried lots of things, and are still always trying new ways to keep priorities right. Jeremy did most of the day-to-day business type things with our wedding photography business so that I could focus on being a Mama, which helped a ton. Then I would just have wedding days that I was away. Now, I have more day-to-day work things to think about, but I don’t have days that I am away. It is just a different kind of balance.

  • Last year you started a shop with products from coffee mugs to prints to tote bags. Tell us a bit about your heart behind this project.

The shop started last year after the loss of our daughter Sophia. I compiled a devotional from my journals in the days after we lost her and it was the first item that was in our shop. I didn’t really know at that time what it would turn into. It was really a happy accident, and it has been amazing to see women all over the world using our products. The heart behind the shop, is to make Scripture a big part of people’s lives, and to give ourselves daily reminders of the Lord.

Summer Product Line 2014-6

  • You have been open about the loss of your sweet daughter Sophia last year. How has the Lord used this devastating situation to bring you closer to Him?

I could write so much about this question alone, because God has used the death of our daughter Sophia in profound ways to bring me closer to Him. We lost Sophia last February, and the journey of grief has been a long and hard road, yet at the same time we have seen God’s goodness and mercy to us in ways that we could have never imagined. I have learned to truly run to the Lord, and learned that our only comfort comes from Him and from His Word. I have learned that He is good no matter what happens in this life. I have learned to think often of Heaven. I have learned that people carry around deep pain that often others don’t know about. Most of all I have learned that God never fails His children, and though we don’t understand why we had to lose our daughter, I know that He is good.


  • What is your favorite book of the Bible and why? What study are you currently going through?

I am currently studying the Psalms and I would say that it is one of my favorites because of the amazing comfort that it provides. The book of Philippians is also very near to my heart as that is what I studied after we loss our daughter and what I wrote my first devotional about. The reminder from both of these books that we can have joy no matter what we face in life is something the Lord reminds me of often.


  • You are an encouragement to many regarding your daily quiet times. What words of advice would you give to someone struggling with setting aside time to daily to study God’s Word?

The amazing thing about spending time in Scripture, is that the more you do it, the more you want to do it. The more you just make spending time in the Word a priority, the more you will desire the Word. It was about two years ago that I really decided that I was going to make being in Scripture a daily priority, and I have learned so much about who God is in the past year. I can’t imagine how I would have faced the trials of this past year if it weren’t for the foundation of Scripture from spending time in the Word daily. I wish I had a secret to making it easier to make it a priority, but it is truly just something you have to make a priority, and ask the Lord for His help. Community and accountability help a lot, which is why I started the #lampandlight hashtag.

  • We’re girls here. What are your must-have products?

Some of my favorite products are my ESV Journaling Bible, pretty journals, The Village Church sermon podcast, Spotify, and my iPhone.