My Happy Place

You know those moments in life when you can’t help but smile? Moments when you can’t help but feel like the Lord is saying, “I love you, my precious child.”

My sophomore year of college I was at the beach with my roommate and her family. It had been a particularly tough season- schoolwork was challenging, my Bushka (grandma) was close to passing away (and did later that week), and a dreaded thing happened…my boyfriend and I broke up. Over the phone. There are many things you don’t do over the phone…breaking up being one of them! But that’s neither here nor there. :) I remember sitting on the porch watching the crashing waves, the soft moonlight cast over the water, tears streaming down my face and in the faintest whisper, I know in my soul God was telling me, “I love you, my precious child.” Waves of peace and rest washed over me.


I was having a hard day a few weeks ago. One when people’s approval seemed important and disappointment crippled me. Liam woke up from his nap as emotions hit, and his smile melted me. All of the sudden everything was okay. I heard God say, “I love you, my precious child.”


I woke up one morning at 5AM to a screaming baby…I don’t really do 5AM very well. I fed my little man and then as I was washing his bottle, I looked out the window to a brilliantly painted sunrise. I took it in, knowing there would never be a sunrise exactly like this one, and I heard God say, “I love you, my precious child.”


I’ve noticed when life seems to take me under like a tumultuous wave, as I gasp for breath, the Lord beckons me,

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

When I’m at my wits end, and I finally take a breath, I see Him. I hear His still, small voice saying, “I love you, my precious child.” That should always be enough. I feel Jesus surround me when I hear my baby boy laugh, when I see a beautifully painted sky, when I take in the warm rays of sunshine, when I focus on the wisps of the fluffy clouds and how they’re shaped, when I hold my husband’s strong hands and know I’m adored by him, when I’m still and silent and take a breath. I’m adored. I’m loved. Jesus wants me close. He whispers, “I love you” in our everyday busyness. Are we stopping to hear His words of adoration?

When do you feel you hear Jesus the most? How has he whispered, “I love you, my precious child” to you lately?