Higher than the Mountains

I love hiking. I love being outdoors, being at the mercy of nature, the exhaustion when you don’t think you can go any further, breathing in the dry air, struggling up the trail, and finally the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top. I love all of it.


This is the angle that I have taken on most of the challenges in my life. Push and push and push through the exhaustion, through the obstacles that life throws my way, because I know that when I reach my goal, when I get to the top of that mountain, it will all be worth it. In general, this tactic has left me successful. I set my mind on something, and eventually, with enough hard work, that something will happen no matter what. However, this year I was thrown a curve ball: P.A. school (Physician’s Assistant).

From my last post, I left you guys knowing that I was waiting, and how hard that wait was on me, and the way it was definitely putting my faith in God to the test. I continued to endlessly wait for the rest of the semester. I had an interview in September for a school in Colorado, and was waiting to hear back from them. I was simultaneously waiting on the three other programs for interview invitations. After the semester ended, I proceeded to drive the eleven-hour journey home, and when I got there, I had a letter from Colorado University Physicians Assistant Program waiting to be opened. I opened the letter, and the first two words I read were, “I regret….” I didn’t need to read anymore after that. I didn’t get in. I didn’t understand why and I was devastated.

I felt almost betrayed by God. He put this desire on my heart, and I had done everything in my power to reach my goal, but it still wasn’t working. I saw the top, but couldn’t get there. That was definitely a low point for me. I was exhausted with everything.

I kept singing this song throughout that time period. It’s called, “On the Throne” by Desperation Band featuring Kari Jobe. It’s lyrics are below:

I will walk through the fire
Walk through the darkest night
I will walk through the flood
I won’t be overcome
I won’t be overcome

I will walk through the trial
Walk through the valley of fear
I will walk through the storm
I won’t be overcome
I won’t be overcome

For the lord is, He is able
He is faithful
Higher than the mountains that I face
Every season, I will press on
For God alone, is on the throne

I will walk in the promise
Walk in your victory
I will walk in the power
I won’t be overcome
I won’t be overcome

Glorious, victorious
Sovereign over all, on the throne
Infinite, Magnificent
Reigning over all, (on the throne)

That song was and is extremely powerful to me. It showed me that God is right there with us through those times of trial, He is faithful to us, and He has the power to help us overcome any mountain that we face.

Over the next week, I received invitations to interview at three different programs. I was ecstatic and I knew that it was God opening more doors for me. I ended up interviewing in early January, and as of today, have been accepted into two of the three programs, and am still waiting on hearing from the last one. I have never felt more relief in my life.


I think God definitely taught me a lot throughout this process. All my life I have been blessed enough to feel competent in most everything that I do. But with this, I had to reach a point where I admitted that I, myself, could not do anything else to achieve this goal, and it was all in God’s hands. My pride was stripped and I was humbled before God, but He was right there with me, every single stumble and fall, all the way to the top. He closed that door to the program in Colorado not because he was smiting me or wasn’t paying attention to me, but because He wanted the best for me, and I wasn’t meant to go there. He knew exactly what He was doing and was in control the whole time. He is higher than any mountain that we face, and allows us to struggle up them because that is how we grow in our relationship with God. We may not realize that that is what He is doing, but once we do, a new perspective arises and you can begin thank God for taking you through that journey.

Matthew 19:26 says, “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible’”.

We as humans, are not all-powerful. But we do have the opportunity to be in a close relationship with the God of the Universe, who is all-powerful. What an awesome concept! For me, remembering that in my low points and in my exhaustion, gives me hope and comfort, knowing that He is right there, on His throne, with power far higher than any mountain that I will ever face.



About the Author

904704_10154039816550315_4996118885711047274_oHannah Karr

I am currently a senior Pre-Allied Health major at Oklahoma Baptist University. I am 20- years- old and originally from Colorado. I love to run, hike, read, cook, bake, and just generally have a good time every single day. I have a passion for building relationships with people and love seeing the friendships that flourish from that. In twenty years, I would love to see myself working as a Physician’s Assistant with a husband and a family, and traveling all over the globe. Most importantly though, I am a follower of Christ and I try to live out every day accordingly.

  • http://enjoythisbeautifulseason.blogspot.com/ Danielle

    This post is seriously so beautiful. It is so great to truly see our God as the ultimate designer of our lives and to recognize that just because He didn’t give us what we thought He should in that moment, doesn’t mean that He is mad at us, but simply that He has a greater design and purpose for our lives. Loved this!

  • Loren

    thanks for sharing your journey Hannah – the yesses and the nos! so happy for God’s best for you! much love and wisdom as you decided from the all the yesses!

  • Chelsy Phillips

    This is beautiful. You have such an amazing outlook, this post is so inspiring. One of my favorite verses during times of trial is 1 Corinthians 10:13 (just in case you need a little extra reading in the next couple of years, lol 😉

  • Hannah Karr

    Thank you guys so much for all of your encouragement. It definitely hasn’t been an easy journey, but one that I have learned so much going through. I’m glad I have the opportunity to share it with you!

  • Kathy Karr

    Beautiful post, Hannah! What a blessing it is to walk through this journey with you!