Go Big Blue!

Tyler and I had the best weekend! Tyler is world’s biggest Kentucky fan. I mean… It’s kind of out of control! You have those bandwagon fans that only cheer for Kentucky when they have a season like this one. Undefeated and rocking it! Then you have some of those wife-fans who cheer for who their husbands (raising hand sheepishly) because they don’t really care that much. Then you have fans like Tyler who never wavers and is always slightly annoying about his love for Kentucky basketball (just kidding…maaaaybe). Good or bad, he’s in it for the long haul! We have some amazing family away from family in South Carolina. Some of our friends surprised Tyler three days before the South Carolina/Kentucky game with tickets to the game! He was like a child on Christmas morning! He couldn’t think or talk about much other than going to the game.

unknownI felt so honored that he chose me to accompany him on this exciting adventure to Columbia! Thankfully, we have incredible friends who selflessly kept our child for the day so we could have a great day date! So, we loaded into the car, hit the road, and had a great time! We almost reverted back to children again… As we passed Kentucky fans I would press his KY hat against the window, and we would cheer. Really mature. No one even noticed, but we had a blast!

Once we got to the game, we took a few pictures, got some stadium food, and took it all in.



Then we noticed a bunch of hardcore Kentucky fans around us. Some with screen printed faces of some of the players. Others with names of players on their shirts. Tyler noticed that he recognized these people… We were surrounded by players’ families! All the sudden, the game got even better! We almost felt like we were in the presence of royalty… Okay maybe just “celebrities.” Then we notice Steve Spurrier to our right!


We felt pretty privileged to be sitting next to these important people! And of course I had Tyler to my right… He’s more important than all of them combined (sorry for the sap…I had to)!


How funny is it that we get a little giddy and excited when we feel like important people are around us? Somehow we feel a little more important than we did before. How incredible is it that the Creator of the whole universe wants to have a relationship with US? The most important One of all time wants to know us PERSONALLY! He wants us to come close to Him, talk to Him about intimate things, and give us the best seat in the house. We are important to Him. When we draw close and surround ourselves with Him, somehow we feel a little more important, valued, loved. We have the opportunity to draw close to Him every single day! Just like Tyler and I felt a boost of excitement and all around giddiness when in the presence of “celebrities,” we have the chance to get close to Jesus and feel even more excitement and giddiness! We will never be close to those “celebrities,” but we have a relationship with JESUS, the most important man of all! Now that’s something amazing to cheer about!

  • Robin Crump

    I love it!!!!