Pinterest fail

I have a confession. I’m not a Pinterest mommy. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Pinterest! It’s a great tool for ideas and shopping! However, my favorite outfit is an oversized t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants. My house never looks like a gorgeous showroom. I have failed too many times to count at a “flawless” recipe. I also don’t have an hour to spend figuring out how to put my hair in a gorgeous messy braid bun thingy in 2.5 seconds! Do I wish I could perfect all of this? Well, yeah. But let’s be real… Pinterest can put a whole lot of unneeded pressure on us if we allow it to.

A few months ago my mother-in-law blessed my life and gave me a piece of the most glorious, moist (I know that’s a gross word, but really), succulent dessert I may have EVER tasted! So naturally I perused Pinterest hoping to find something that compared to those brilliant Amish bakers’ fabulous creation! Scroll, scroll, scroll… YES! FOUND IT!


Click here to find the recipe 

I cracked eggs, watched a YouTube video on how to separate the yolk and whites, measured and mix, baked and spread, refrigerated and VUALA!!!



All I could do was Instagram that mess and laugh at myself!

It’s incredibly unfortunate how much pressure we put on ourselves when we look at all these ideas and measure ourselves up to them. It can be as silly as the SIMPLISTIC (as described by the lady’s recipe) perfect pumpkin roll FAIL and as serious as coveting the beautiful showroom house and perfectly toned and tanned bodies pictured on Pinterest that cause us to hate ourselves and the lives God’s given us.

Mommas- it isn’t always as easy as 5 simple steps to potty training your baby by 2 weeks old. College and teenage girls- it isn’t as easy as 5 moves to tone your inner thighs in 1 day and get rid of the freshman 15 in 2 days! Single Ladies- it isn’t as easy as a guided list to finding your perfect soulmate and how to be the perfect woman so a boy will call.

Ladies- our lives aren’t always a simple one, two, three or as pretty as the pictures on Pinterest. Let’s stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and thank God for the many blessings He’s given us! Pinterest is by no means a horrible thing…I will continue to search for ideas! But let’s not allow this or anyone else’s life (or perfectly pictured lives on Insta) to be a tool for satan to make us completely discontent.

You are a treasure.

You are amazing! Don’t let that Pinterest pressure get ya down!

Bake on and laugh at yourself when you fail! It happens.