12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 12; GLAM Camp


Editor’s Note: Today is the FINAL day in the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway series. We are sad to see it go, but we are looking forward to what the rest of the holidays will bring (be sure to check in with us on Monday…you won’t want to miss what’s next!).

For our final giveaway, we have partnered with recording artist Melinda Watts, founder of GLAM Camp for Girls. Melinda reached out to GLOW a few months ago and we have been supporters of one another ever since! Melinda has a passion help teen and tween girls build a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ, and to teach them how to empower their own generation to be more like Him. We are on board!

Melinda has written shared her heart in the post below, but first, here is a briefing on GLAM Camp and what they stand for:

Hosted by Dove and Stellar award nominated recording artist Melinda Watts, Girls Leadership and Mentoring Camp is a 3 and 4-day event for teen and tween girls that takes place  in different cities across the United states. It is presented by the Dream Girlz Gathering Foundation and provides girls a safe environment to learn and grow. The Dream Girlz Gathering Foundation desires to help position young women for the future by providing age-appropriate sessions focused around goal-setting, leadership development and peer-mentoring. GLAM Camp focuses on building leaders of this generation and empowering them to walk out that leadership in their churches, schools and communities.

Each young lady that attends GLAM Camp will leave empowered and confident! The camp addresses God-confidence, self-esteem, leadership, how to gain freedom from peer pressure, how to write out and complete life plans, how to make healthy choices in life, spiritual development and much more.

For more information and questions, visit here.


To wrap up this Christmas event, we will be GIVING AWAY TWO registrations to GLAM Camp! The next camp to attend is SOON…December 27-30 in Roberta, Georgia (click here for more details). If the winner cannot attend this camp, they may choose to wait until next year’s camp – dates are not yet announced.

Scroll to the bottom to get all the entry details. :) But first, learn more about Melinda and her heart behind this wonderful ministry.



About 6 six years ago I had to come to terms with a solid truth. I had to cope with the fact that I was being lazy. Lazy with my faith and lazy about  the way in which I lived it out. Being a recording artist and worship leader made it easy for me to feel like I was doing “my part”. However, I knew that wasn’t completely true as I sat in prayer for a greater understanding for my purpose.

I felt this tugging that there was more within me. I knew I was called to impact this generation but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the task. I had been a high school teacher for 5 years and I was making great strides in my career. Everything was set, everything was simple, yet there was this tugging. I created programs within High Schools that were specifically for girls. It was called Project Sunday. In this program I would create programs to inspire girls to live alive of purpose and wholeness. I would share insight on building self-image and character. I would take them on a lot of motivational ventures to empower them in their everyday lives. I can admit I was comfortable and things were really going well. I know that lives were impacted in a real way in these programs that I had set up in schools. No matter what I did that was good or great, there was still this tugging deep within. I just couldn’t shake it and that’s when God began to shake me!

I asked God to show me what He really wanted me to do. I knew He was pulling at my heart for something bigger. I had no idea what was in store.  During my fifth year teaching I won a television music competition called “Gospel Dream”. This took my life and ministry to an entirely different level. I was a recording artist now and I was traveling all over the country. Although it was a lot of fun watching my dreams come true, I had to leave the girls that I loved so much. I had to leave the programs that I created to help them thrive. I thought “God, what are you doing? I’m really having a great time but what about those girls that you sent to me? What happens to them?” After surrendering my heart to Him about this I got my answer.

One night I had a dream. The dream took place in a school that sort of doubled as a church. In this dream there were about 100 girls were walking into the school in the morning. The difference in this particular mornig was that each girl had a bible in her hand. Girls were walking into schools with bibles and on buses coming to a camp. When they arrived at the camp they had school books in their hands. They had their friends there and they were worshipping and also studying scripture. I knew this was clearly from God and He wanted me to bring my two worlds together.  I knew that tugging was coming to me for a reason and this was it.

It was in that moment that G.L.A.M. Camp was born.

It was in that dream that God made it so very clear to me what He wanted me to do. I knew that what He had planned for me was bigger than what I could conceive in my mind. The pain of leaving my teaching career had a bigger purpose. It was so much bigger than me. I realized that I had to allow God to take my new platform and collide it with my purpose. GLAM stands for Girls Leadership And Mentoring Camp.  Camp has taken place in many cities across the country focusing on reaching the community and inspiring girls to live their best lives and to strive to be leaders where they are planted. It’s described as a lot of things. Camp is like a giant pajama party with a revival attached! Honestly, it’s one of the most amazing times I get to share in ministry each year. Pouring into girls from different cities makes my heart leap!


Girls come to GLAM Camp each year from different backgrounds and cultures to be inspired, empowered and to be in the presence of God. Each year we host hundreds of girls from all walks of life and we minister to them where they are. It’s a weekend where we focus on leadership and teaching them how to be leaders in their generation. I truly believe that if these girls grab the heart of God, that they can make more of an impact on their own generation than anyone else. That’s where my dream became reality. Girls began registering for camp within schools first! Girls began telling their friends about GLAM Camp and everyone wanted in! It didn’t matter that it was about Jesus, nor did it matter that we were going to spend time in worship. What I found out later was that the only thing that matter to most of these girls was that they would be in a safe place to open up their hearts to share what was happening with them. They wanted to be around other girls who could identify with them and connect.


Over the years I have been asked often, “Why are you investing so much into this? Why do girls even need to come to GLAM Camp?” You may find it surprising that my answer is usually “They don’t.”.

If I’m being perfectly honest I can admit that no one really needs to come to GLAM Camp. I can, though, assure you that if they do come they will benefit from it and they won’t leave the same way that they came. Each year God meets us there. No matter where the girls come from, no matter what their needs are, He meets us. Girls have attended camp with many different issues ranging from low self-esteem, peer pressure, cutting, abuse, bullying, being suicidal and more. It’s because of this “safe place” that they open up and let others in on what’s truly going on. This is why I do it. This is why I push past the challenges I sometimes face with resources to run it. It’s why I can gather up courage to plant in other cities. It’s because I can see the heart of God love on these girls every year.



GLAM Camp is a place where girls feel safe to share and also get connected to the heart of Jesus. I can’t explain how or why that tugging is still there. Even now as I write this I feel a stirring within me to continue to seek for direction for what’s next. I’m sure that God’s timing is perfect and I’ve gotten used to the way that He moves with me. It always starts with the tugging. A tugging that won’t let go. So my heart for these girls is and will be ready for whatever is on God’s mind concerning them!  What about you? Is there a tugging within you for more? Is God asking you to do something out of the ordinary that could potentially change the course of someone’s life? Is He asking you to step out on faith and do what may seem impossible? I want to encourage you to listen to the tugging. It’s there for a reason and you may be surprised what’s on the other side of your obedience!



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About the Author

HeadshotMelinda Watts

Melinda Watts is a worship leader, author and speaker based in Sacramento, California. Imperfect but inspirational, she uses her writing and music to encourage others to see the tangible grace of an ever present and loving God. A Stellar and Dove award nominee, Melinda loves hosting empowerment camps for girls through her foundation. She also enjoys traveling around the country leading worship, speaking to young women, college students, and adults. Read more at melindawatts.com and follow her on social media @melindawatts.

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Remember, the next GLAM camp to attend is SOON…December 27-30 in Roberta, Georgia (click here for more details). If the winner cannot attend this camp, they may choose to wait until next year’s camp – dates are not yet announced.

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