12 Days of Christmas: Day 5; Clean Your Plate


Editor’s Note: Today is Friday, December 5, which marks DAY 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway series on GLOW. We have had so much fun with all of you so far this week, and the best part is, there is more to come!

We have partnered with Sharayah Colter with Colter & Co. to showcase her new cookbook, “Clean Your Plate.” She has graciously donated a book (hot off the press!) to give to one of our precious readers (that’s YOU!), but first, learn about Sharayah’s heart behind the project in her post below (you’ll LOVE her and immediately want to be friends). All the giveaway details can be found at the end of this post. Happy Friday! 😉



Hello, friends!

I’m Sharayah, and I am SO excited and honored to be invited over here to Glow to share with you a snippet about the brand new healthy eating cookbook my mom and I have JUST released! My darling husband reminds me all the time that my funny bone is either broken or missing, so the title of the book, Clean Your Plate, may very well make zero sense, but, in good ol’ unfunny-person-fashion, I’ll be happy to over-explain it to you. Feel absolutely free to roll your eyes now.

At the root of it all, I am deeply convinced that the way we feed our bodies and what we feed our bodies, matters. We are, after all, created in the image of the divine, holy, awesome and only wise God. AND, as if that were not enough, we have been made to be the temple of that very God—the Holy Spirit. Whether we have invited Him in or not, which friend I pray, pray, pray you have or will, each of has been designed to be that temple. Basically, that means we are the groundskeepers for the King’s palace.

outdoor kitchen

Now, really, if you were in charge of Queen Elizabeth’s home in England, would you be furnishing the dining room with paper plates and plastic knives? Would you paint the walls with kindergarten-grade tempera paints? Would you lay that grass-ish, outdoor-grade carpet in the hallways of Buckingham Palace?

I seriously doubt it.

Would those things get the job done? Would the plastic fork pick up food, the tempera paints colorize the room and the outdoor carpet soften the hard flooring below? Mostly likely, yes. But is it the best, most fitting option? Certainly not.

Will eating a hamburger off the dollar menu fill your stomach? Yes. Will grabbing a Snickers bar from the vending machine curb your appetite for a while? Sure. Will Hamburger Helper help you satisfy a table of hungry mouths? Probably. But, will those things truly nourish your body and the bodies of those living in your home as best as possible? Probably not.

God created us a beings that need to eat, and he created the food we need to eat, but somewhere along the way, we have traded that food for what I call fake food. Instead of eating what God gave us (meat, vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts, seeds and dairy), we’re daily downing foods laden with chemicals, preservatives and ingredients we cannot pronounce. If you think about it, it’s really quite like that scripture that talks about people trading the truth of God for a lie (Rom. 1:25). We’ve traded the true, good food God designed for machine-made substances that money-making companies have concocted in laboratories. I’m really not trying to be a food freak on you, but I’m just saying, God created a food source for us—one tailor-made for you and me. People who know their Bible far better than I do have explained to me that in Genesis, when the Bible says all throughout the creation account, “…and it was good,” the Lord is not just saying things are good and dandy in general. Instead, He’s saying it was good for the humans. The light was good for the humans. The land was fit for the humans. All of the “good” stuff, was good for making a habitat and a sustainable existence for mankind, the crown of creation—the only part of creation that bears the mark and the image of the Lord God himself.


Over the past 10 years that I have nixed sugar, processed foods and chemicals from my diet (diet as in what I eat, not as in “going on a diet”) I have seen firsthand the truth that what God created is indeed good for humankind. It has been good for me. I feel better, get sick less, have more energy and don’t fight the roller coaster of weight gain and loss. Now, I’m not in this to “get skinny.” In fact, when I began a decade ago, it wasn’t even a choice, but an order from my doctor. But, do I happily accept the perk that eating healthily helps in maintaining a healthy size? You bet your skinny jeans I do. (Side note to those of you who are now just as sidetracked as I am prone to be and wondering, “Hmmm… So could I lose weight this way?” I’m not an infomercial, so you’re not going to hear me say “guaranteed!!,” but I can tell you that when my entire family began eating this way, we all had to buy new clothes and literally tighten our belts. I personally dropped several dress sizes and fit into clothes that were buried in the garage sale pile. So, take that for what it’s worth.) To me, this is not about size. It’s so much more about caring for ourselves and living excellently. Please do not hear me say we’re aiming for perfection here, okay? But I’m ALL ABOUT aiming for excellence. As daughters of the King, we ought to carry ourselves with dignity, grace and a good deal of care. We ought to reflect on the outside what Jesus has done for us on the inside.

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outdoor kit 3

Now, I must, must, must stop right here and say, girlfriend, if you don’t have the living Lord dwelling in your heart and His joy bursting from every seem in your body, please just stop reading and email me. Call me. Let’s chat. I desire more than anything else on earth to tell you about Christ and the way He LONGS to have a relationship with you and to offer you the free gift of grace and salvation that neither of us deserve.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, this is all good and well, but Sharayah, I live in the real world. Healthy is expensive, difficult and honestly, often disgusting.”

And THAT is where Clean Your Plate comes in. It’s not just a cookbook. It’s a guidebook designed to help you navigate the waters of healthy eating so that it can be simple, delicious and budget-friendly. In fact, I recently posted an excerpt from the book “Five things healthy eating is not,” that helps to debunk several myths about healthy eating—one of which is the notion of it being expensive. It really doesn’t have to bankrupt you or leave you gagging. I promise.

enchilda casserole cc cookies

In my heart of hearts, I simply want to share with anyone who wants to listen, what I have learned through 10 years of trial and error: Cleaning your plate can be simple and delicious.

And as for that cheesy line my husband thinks it pitifully corny: It will be so delicious you’ll want to clean your plate and so healthy that you should! (See, now I know you’re siding with my man on this one…) But, really y’all, who DOESN’T want to have an apple pie so good for you that you can eat it for breakfast and NOT feel guilty? Anyone?

All kidding aside, though, if you’ve been thinking of health-ifying your life a smidgen, I’m throwing a little hip-hip-horary party for you in my heart and hoping that Clean Your Plate can help you toward that goal in some little form or fashion. If it can encourage even one person, it has all been worth it!

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Happy cooking, friends!

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” – 1 Cor. 10:31


About the Author

portrait2Sharayah Colter

Sharayah is owner of Colter & Co., a boutique design company, and a writer based in Dallas-Fort Worth. She and her mom, Shelly Sherrod, have just released their second cookbook, Clean Your Plate, and have a passion for making healthy eating decadently delicious and thrillingly simple. Sharayah, serves in girls’ ministry and runs Messes & Ministry, a blog built to encourage women of all ages as they seek to serve the Lord in the midst of daily life.


Sharayah is giving away a Clean Your Plate cookbook to ONE lucky winner!

book photo 1

book photo 2

To get your mouths salivating, Sharayah has graciously given us sneak peek at a recipe included in the cookbook. Print it out, put it in your recipe book, cook it for dinner tonight!

Cookbook recipe excerpt2

Cookbook recipe excerpt1

Want to know more? You can also go here to read an excerpt from the book if you missed it in the link in the post above. This would make for the PERFECT Christmas gift for any girl, and since there can only be one winner, click here to buy the book for only $29.99!

On a bit of a side note, Sharayah’s design business, Colter & Co. has a philosophy that struck our attention immediately. We just had to share – maybe you’ll think it’s as cool as we do!

Our mission is to offer high quality, custom design services to ministries, churches and individuals at a stewardship-friendly price. We believe good design should not be limited to those with deep pockets.

Learn more about her company here.

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  • BabsCoppedge

    I am so, so excited to see read this blog. It’s a true bonus that it’s also part of the Giveaway. I recently (think past two months) started researching how to go as sugar-free as possible in the kitchen as one part of my research to change the way my family eats. God has been opening my awareness to how overly sugarized and saltified (fun fake words) our palettes are here in America. Too much fast food, too much processed food. And our palettes can’t even discern the taste of true, whole foods anymore. But in my journey to change my kitchen, and the desensitized tongues of my family, I’ve been hitting brick walls into how to prepare whole food meals and deserts, without banking the budget. To see you write on how this doesn’t have to be, makes me cheer. I am now super curious about your book, your journey and your recipes. If I don’t win this giveaway, I’m going to look into getting this for myself … after the holidays, when the budget is a bit less strained. Thanks for putting yourself and your years of your journey into a medium we can have in our own homes. May God bless your endeavors with full favor and multiply the works of your hands! Merry Christmas!

    • Sharayah Colter

      I’m so excited we’ve been able to connect, Babs! It truly is crazy how wacky our food environment has become here in America. But, like you, I’m so glad we can change that in our own families!!

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