12 Days of Christmas: Day 11; He Dwelt Among Us Lowly Sinners


Can you believe there is just two days left for the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway series? It has FLOWN by for us. It has been great to feature so many wonderful small businesses that are working for a greater cause.

Today I was listening to the radio and they were talking about the idea of #GIVEmas. It was encouraging to hear many people talking about how they are giving back this Christmas season. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the stress of the holidays with all the shopping, parties, and traditions that we so often lose sight of what’s important. So today, we encourage you to forget about all the stress and business that comes in December, and instead take a moment to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Andi’s post below will get you started on the right track! :)

Now for the giveaway! For Day 11 we are partnering with Free Range Apparel. They describe themselves as, “Two dreamers with cage free ideas, using USA-made apparel and non-toxic ink, giving back to the community.”

You can find their shop here. Take a look around. They sell anything from prints, to children’s capes to women’s tanks and tees.

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Best of all, Free Range has a few select products that are specified for their CHD Fundraiser. Proceeds of the sales from these products go to support a sweet little girl on her path to recovery. Find those products here.

Free Range Apparel has contributed a $15 credit to their shop plus three Christmas prints to one winner. Below you will find an example of the Christmas prints. Simple yet beautiful. Perfect to frame and hang on a wall during the holidays…or better yet, all year round! :)


TO ENTER: Go to the GLOW Instagram page and follow @glowliveaslight AND @freerangeapparel. Then, tag three friends in the comments under the photo that looks like this: 


Since today we are de-stressing and focusing on the true meaning of CHRIST-mas, simply read Andi’s post below and comment that you have done so below for a BONUS ENTRY (be sure to leave your Instagram name as well)! While you’re at it, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how YOU keep Christ the center of Christmas.

The winner will be announced tomorrow on Instagram. Good luck!



He Dwelt Among Us Lowly Sinners

The other night I got a moment to sit in front of my Christmas tree with my Bible, a cup of hot cocoa, and a snuggly warm blanket.

As I lost myself in the lights I thought about that very first Christmas. The Christmas that started it all. I thought about the faith it took for Joseph to marry Mary instead of departing from her quietly because she was pregnant when they hadn’t been together… So much faith to truly believe this baby wasn’t from another man. I thought about Mary having to leave everything because she was chosen to carry this child and it was too dangerous to stay. Not to mention she had to ride a donkey to Bethlehem… Pregnant. I thought about the humble beginnings Jesus had on earth. Born in a stable amongst smelly animals. Jesus who left His glorious throne in heaven to come to this sinful, terrifying world for us.

As these thoughts continued to circulate in my head, my pastor reminded our congregation of a story that I’ve heard on the radio several times. A farmer noticed this flock of birds shiver in a cold winter storm. He decided to help them and tried several ways to get them into his warm barn. The birds wouldn’t come into the barn because they were afraid. In that moment the farmer wished he could become a bird so that they would trust him and wouldn’t be scared of him. He wanted to be one of them… speak their language, mingle with them so they would follow him. The farmer fell to his knees after this realization. He understood Jesus coming to earth a little better once this happened. Jesus came to earth in the flesh… as a human but completely God, as well. He came that we might see that He understands us. He became one of us. He died to save us. We just have to trust Him and enter into the warm safe barn. We have to follow Him.

As I thought about that Christmas night in a new light, I felt even more connected to my Savior. He cares so deeply for us that He came to earth, to dwell among us, to die a painful death that we might be saved and His father might be glorified. How amazing that the journey to a relationship with Him began in a smelly stable with a sweet little baby boy. The baby boy who was actually King. The one who deserves all the praise and adoration came here. To us. It’s all really beautiful and quite astounding. The King dwelt among us lowly sinners. Wow.


  • rachel

    Read this morning. What a great reminder about the reason for Christmas. IG is mrslubbs

  • Leslie

    Love the story of the farmer and the birds! What a great picture of Christ and his coming to live among us! (IG @lesliegof)

  • K’Leigh Joseph Ware

    Great reminder and such a fantastic visual! (IG @mommaware