5 resources to refresh your quiet time

Editor’s Note: Bailey has become a dear friend of the GLOW team – we’ve had her support from the beginning! A few weeks ago, we heard from Kristin on “Why we should spend time in Scripture.” Today, Bailey is taking this a step further and giving us ladies some practical tips and resources to refresh (or kick-start) our daily time in the Word. To make your Friday even sweeter, Bailey will also be taking over our Instagram for the weekend. She’s a pro instagrammer herself here, but for the weekend she will be hanging out with us GLOW girls, posting pretty pictures and encouraging words along the way. Oh, and she just MAY even post about her Merry and Bright Gift Swap that you need to check out if you haven’t already. 😉 Happy Friday friends, get to know Bailey Jean – she has a heart that seeks the One who matters!

Step foot into any Christian bookstore and there will be shelf upon shelf of devotionals and study tools, but the question remains: “Where do I begin?” Whether you are looking to revamp your current quiet time routine or starting for the first time since saying yes to Jesus, these are great resources to kick-start your journey into scripture.

  1. She Reads Truth App

The SRT community has been thriving for several years and has grown across social media to connect women all seeking the same purpose: diving intentionally into the Word. The free app is beautiful and user-friendly, with various studies available for purchase. You can also subscribe to their e-mails and received the devotional material completely free each morning in your inbox. Check out the hashtags #shereadstruth and #shesharestruth on Instagram for a glimpse of the growing community and what it offers.

  1. VMP Prayer Journals

Prayer is at the heart of a relationship with Christ, and the beautiful prayer journals by Val Marie Paper make mapping out your prayer plan a piece of cake. With sections such as My Loves, My Family, My Friends, and Personal, there is also room for answered prayers and scripture study at the end of each month. These compact notebooks are perfect to carry in your purse for the quiet moments in the pick up line after school or when you get to class before the bell. A pretty little notebook might be just the ticket to reviving your prayer life.


  1. ESV Journaling Bible

Getting in the Word is essential to hearing God’s voice and direction in life. While I love a good app, I also love the feel of the Good Book in my hands and the paper under my fingers. Highlighting, sketching, journaling, underlining, all of the above can happen in an ESV Journaling Bible. You can often find this version online and on sale, with extra wide margins for all of your note-taking needs. Hard or soft cover options are available, and the translation is an easy read.

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (ESV)

  1. Influence Conference Devotional

The Influence Conference is a yearly event for women who want to use their God-given influence and talents to share the gospel, and this year they provided a devotional for all of the attendees. It is also available in the Naptime Diaries shop, and it has quickly become one of my favorite resources in recent months. Plenty of journaling space, scripture reflection, and study topics to suit this season perfectly. If you are looking for a jumpstart, this could be it. There is also an Advent study available in the shop to prepare you for the celebratory season ahead.


  1. Anthro Journals

Nothing puts me in the mood to write and reflect like a beautiful journal. Anthropologie is the land of frivolous fashion, captivating candles, and perfect paper goods that are surprisingly affordable. Leatherbound, monogrammed, you name it they have it. I believe a good journal is worth the investment, and I have never found such beautifully bound versions. I try to incorporate journal reading into my monthly devotions because it is so encouraging to read through past seasons and see what prayers have been answered and how. God is good, amen?

Resources abound to help the searching sister in her journey toward Jesus, and these are just a few. If you are still looking for inspiration, don’t be afraid to send a tweet or a comment toward a blogger or Instagrammer you admire. Nine times out of ten they would be happy to share! Community is powerful after all, and we are here to power forward with you, sharing knowledge and wisdom as best we can.



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