$3 worth of God


I read something a few weeks ago that hit me square between the eyes…this is a quotation from a book by Wilbur Rees called $3.00 Worth of God (1971).

“I would like to buy three dollars worth of God, please. Not enough to explode my soul or disturb my sleep, but just enough to equal a cup of warm milk or a snooze in the sunshine.  I don’t want enough of him to make me love a black man or pick beets with a migrant worker. I want ecstasy, not transformation. I want the warmth of the womb, not a new birth. I want a pound of the eternal in a paper sack, please. I would like to buy about three dollars’ worth of God.”

Allow that to soak in for just a minute.

$3 now a day is barely a Happy Meal. $3 is a bottle of shampoo. $3 is double shield scotch tape. $3 is a 3-pack of gum. But $3 worth of God? Can it be that we are satisfied with this?

When God sent His only Son to earth to die a shameful, painful death on the cross, do you think He wanted us to only desire a tiny bit of Himself? Do you think He wanted us to only wake up 5 minutes earlier so we can bask in a Psalm SUPER FAST before we went on with the “more important” parts of our day? Or not even spend time with Him at all? Do you think He desires our leftovers? Do you think He wants us to desire Him only to the point when it tampers with our comfort then we retract?

Let’s be honest…we are far too easily pleased. We give just enough of ourselves to make us feel good, when Christ desires our EVERYTHING.

“In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.” Luke 14:33

Oftentimes I have to ask myself, “What in the world am I doing with my life?” I do just enough to feel okay with myself. I want the warm fuzzies of Christianity, when the cost of discipleship is so much more than that. Our love for Christ should be so huge that our love for ALL other things should look like hate when compared. Our love for our kids, our spouses, our parents, our possessions, our dogs, our friends should not even come close to how much we love Christ.

Don’t you want God to explode your world? To blow your mind? To infiltrate your heart? To ooze out of every fiber of your being? Or do you want just enough to feel okay? Just to make it another day with the comfort of eternity but with no real cost to yourself.

I am speaking to the choir on this one. I have a long way to go. Praise God for His grace. Never stop striving for this kind of love, devotion, and hunger. Don’t allow yourself to be satisfied with $3 worth of God. Pray for a hunger that far exceeds hunger for anything else. Don’t go for the Happy Meal when you can have that high dollar, mind-blowing, juicy, perfect steak (with a loaded baked potato). We are far too easily satisfied when all the while God wants to rock our worlds, blow our minds, and dive into sweet deep relationship with us.