White as snow

Thank you God, for sending us Your Son.

Thank you Jesus, for spilling your own sinless blood so that we, the Sinners, can live in relationship with our Father.

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Sin is sin is sin is sin is sin. But grace abounds, praise God.

What do you do when you catch yourself in sin? Whether you find yourself coveting, lusting, being envious, prideful, or greedy – whatever it may be – how do you respond internally, toward yourself, and how do you respond toward God, when you’re convicted?

Are you defiant? Do you try to deny your sin – therefore lying to yourself and to God? Do you make up excuses, trying to explain it all away? Do you compare your sin to someone else’s “worse sin”?

Or are you like Isaiah, completely ashamed, aware of your unworthiness, and entirely humbled before the greatness of your God? Or, perhaps you’re more like David, immediately acknowledging and confessing your sin to the Lord, wholly trusting in His grace.

As I write, I see that today’s verse on Bible Gateway happens to be 1 John 2:1:

“My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.” 1 John 2:1 (ESV)

Think of that for a moment. Christ is our advocate. This means that He, the one and only sinless Son of God, speaks in our favor – He speaks in our defense. On our behalf. He recommends us to God. He is our defense attorney, if you will. Can you see it?

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I know I’m not the first to suggest this, but for a moment, picture yourself on trial, charged with unthinkable and innumerable crimes against humanity. The sentence if you’re proven guilty is an eternity of pain and torture – both physical and otherwise. The kind of torture that makes you wish for death, which never comes.


Cast of Characters:

Judge: God

Jury: God

Defense Attorney: Jesus


During the trial, the Defense Attorney approaches the bench, and he softly whispers to the Judge that he knows his client is guilty. The Attorney admits that there is no denying the guilt – the evidence is clear – and he acknowledges that the price must be paid.

The Judge lifts the gavel, with the intention of finding the client guilty of all charges, but then he stops mid-air. He looks intently at the Defense Attorney and he says to him that there is one way for the client to be set free. The Judge explains to the Attorney that the only way the client may be found innocent is if a truly innocent man will take the client’s place.

[A pretty unlikely scenario if you’re watching it play out on television or in a movie, huh? What Judge would ever consider knowingly sending an innocent man in a guilty person’s place? Why would this Judge suggest that as an acceptable alternative? Especially with the stakes at hand!]

The Defense Attorney listens to what the Judge has suggested, and he tearfully hangs his head, knowing full well that he is the only person that could fulfill this law. The Judge wouldn’t accept anyone else to take on this task. The Attorney pauses, but only briefly, then he looks back up at the Judge and says, “I will do it. I will pay. I accept the charges.”

There is a complete shift in the courtroom. The jury all at once sighs a huge sigh of relief, because they were rooting for the client, but they couldn’t deny the proof. The client was clearly guilty. Now that the Defense Attorney had offered to accept the sentence on the client’s behalf though, all blame would be shifted to him, as if the client had never even been on trial to begin with.

We are guilty, every day, of sin, after sin, after sin. I believe a scenario very similar to this courtroom drama is happening, in reality, between God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit every day. And every day, we step out of the courtroom, free – as free as if we had never, ever done anything wrong. Blank slates. Spotless records, as white as snow. Our crime – our sin – is completely erased.

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So the next time you catch yourself in sin, remember the price that has been paid on your behalf. Humble yourself before the Lord, repent, and ask for forgiveness. Thank your Savior for what He’s done for you. Look to the cross. And then leave your sin there.

Photo Credit: Tawni Sattler



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Tawni Sattler

Tawni Sattler is a missionary, wife, mom, and worship leader living in Vienna, Austria. She loves to read and to sit in cafes, watching the world pass by her; she pretends to be a blogger, and also likes to pretend to be really artistic in her spare time. Tawni is passionate about meeting God in His Word, and prays that her hunger for The Truth will only grow stronger as she grows older. And older.


  • Renee

    This touched me in a way that I can’t even begin to explain. All I can say with a grateful heart and tears streaming down my face, “thank You Jesus!” I am saving this so that I can come back to it often. Would mind if I shared this?

    • http://www.glowliveaslight.com/about/who-we-are/ Alyssa Martin

      Renee, so glad that you are encouraged. Please do share!

    • http://tawnimarie.wordpress.com Tawni Sattler

      Renee, thank you so much for your sweet comment. I prayed this morning before the post was published that these words would touch at least ONE heart today.

      I’m so glad you received this message today as a reminder of just how much He loves you. ♡


  • http://Andileigh615.wordpress.com Andi Clem

    This is beautiful! I could see the imagery playing out in my head. Give me chills! Thank you for sharing and being a part of our community! And you live in Austria?! Totally cool!!

    • http://tawnimarie.wordpress.com Tawni Sattler

      Andi, thanks so much for your sweet comment. I have been so blessed by the Glow community already and can’t wait to watch you ladies inspire and encourage more and more women!
      And Austria IS cool. We LOVE it here! There’s definitely a need for more Jesus, but that’s why God’s got us here in the first place.