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Editor’s Note: Happy Friday! Today we have partnered with Delight Ministries for a GIVEAWAY that includes God’s Word, women’s stories, the color pink and even iced coffee (or iced tea if you prefer)! Scroll to the bottom to find more details and rules for entering.

Delight Ministries is a nationwide college women’s community that grows together, serves together, learns together and does life together while chasing the heart of God. With chapters on 12 college campuses across the country, Delight is a growing women’s ministry inviting college women to experience and live out the love of Christ.




One of our favorite things about God is where, when, and how He decides to show up. Whether it’s through a burning bush, a baby in a feeding trough, or through a stranger at Home Depot, He comes quietly yet ferociously. He comes in hurricanes and mighty storms and then He comes like a soft winter snow. He comes and we find ourselves different, new in a way, with new breath and new life eager for where He might send us.

Sometimes Mackenzie and I both have days where it’s hard to find joy. We feel as if we’re walking through a swamp and even though we’re moving forward, we can’t see any dry ground ahead in the distance. Being seniors in college, we worry about our futures a lot, and often find ourselves running away from the things that God has placed on our hearts. Truth be told, in the dark it’s pretty easy to doubt the things that God showed us in the light. Especially during those days where our souls feel weary and our to-do lists feel longer than our grocery lists.

One late night trip to Home Depot is where God decided to awaken our souls. We were looking at wood, not knowing what we were doing, when a man approached us and asked us what we were up to. We explained to him that we were buying wood for a project for the women’s ministry we ran at our school. He paused, pulled out his wallet, handed us a twenty-dollar bill, and awkwardly walked away.

Mackenzie and I just stood there looking at each other with wide eyes and grins on our faces at the absurdity at what had just happened. We called after the man trying to thank him and to express our gratitude, but he scurried off almost as if he wasn’t listening.

In that moment, it was as if God used that man to tell us, “Hey! I got this, so stop worrying and trust that I’m going to provide.” If He provides twenty dollars to buy wood for props for a promotional video, people to encourage and remind you what God has already started in you, and everyday ordinary moments that come out of nowhere and knock the wind out of you in the most beautiful way, then He can provide for tomorrow, and the next day, and every day after that.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

God has entrusted us with the incredible gift of Delight Ministries and we need to shepherd it with joy and insurmountable faith that God will provide. Psalm 37:4 is the theme verse for Delight and one that we both have memorized, posted in our rooms, and imprinted on our hearts. It’s not a wish-granting verse that says if you take delight in the Lord then He will give you a big house, lots of money to spend at Free People, a boyfriend who adores the ground you walk on, your dream job, and the ability to eat unlimited macaroni and cheese without gaining a pound.

Although those things would be nice, God wants to fulfill different desires.  It’s saying that when we joyfully trust God, commit to His ways as our own, and patiently wait for Him to act, He shows up and He shows up like you’ve never thought possible.

So we choose today to delight when God moves in our hearts at Home Depot. We delight in the uncertainty of our futures. We delight in days where our to-do lists are longer than our grocery lists, and we delight in the Lord for He is always good and He will always provide.




The giveaway includes Delight Ministries’ book called Delight Stories and their mason jar tumbler! Here’s the details:

Delight Stories: Volume 1

Delight Stories: Volume 1 is a compilation of God stories from college women all over the country. These stories explore the struggles, trials, joys, victories, and delights of being a woman chasing after the heart of God in college.

This book was created for the use of the college women’s community, Delight, but is also perfect for small groups or individuals. It includes Bible references and discussion questions with each story. We invite you to use the Delight stories book in whatever way fits your life best.




Delight Plastic Mason Jar Tumbler

Take Delight on the go with you with these plastic mason jar tumblers. They are perfect for water, lemonade, and even iced coffee!

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TO ENTER: Go to the GLOW instagram page (@glowliveaslight) and follow @glowliveaslight AND @delightministries. Then, tag THREE friends (or more) in the comments of the giveaway photo (shown below). The winner will be announced Monday morning through our instagram account. Good luck! :)




About the Authors

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Mackezie Baker and MacKenzie Wilson are the founders of Delight Ministries. They met while attending Belmont University and bonded over their desire to love God and serve the women on their campus. In 2012, along with one other friend, Baker and Wilson started a women’s bible study that laid the foundation for what is now Delight Ministries. Baker is from Los Angeles, California and is graduating from Belmont University in May 2015 with a degree in Christian leadership. She loves running, overpriced organic food, and beanies. Wilson is from the mountains of North Carolina and is also graduating from Belmont University in May 2015 with a degree in public relations. She loves journaling, sweet sixteen doughnuts, and idioms. To learn more information visit here.

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